It’s Pickin’ Time!

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Not Pig Pickin’ time either……I haven’t been posting as much lately I guess I am overwhelmed with work, the quiet of football being over and  the fact that the holidays are right around the corner.    I guess this time of year catches a lot of us off guard and the next thing we know the holidays are upon us and the local stores are hanging up tinsel and garland and I am stuck thinking once again the months have flown by and I’m not ready.  But no this isn’t a holiday post from me just yet.  The subject matter this morning is “Dumpster Diving” or “Trash Picking”  You know I was watching Cody Lundin the other day and he said something that I found fascinating and what he said on this particular episode is that “Mental Disgust” often hurts people because they can’t get through their own mental issues and overcome hurdles and obstacles that they need to do to reach their goal.   I feel like people tend to think “Oh that blanket was found in the dumpster therefore it is disgusting.”   I am going to write out a list of items we have found in dumpsters and let me know how disgusting it is that I saved all that money!  Many items we find brand new and then we turn around and sell the items at yard sales.  So let me take you on a journey of Dumpster finds we use in our house proudly and no negative connotation with us and our kids luckily don’t have that notion either!  This is only Part 1 of my Dumpster Diving Series so stay tuned you won’t believe all of the extremely nice items we have found!

By the way this is just a few of the items we have found we have found many more and put them to use, donated them, or passed them on to other friends and now our daughter has moved out so sometimes we send items her way.  I think too that many people have the negative connotation picturing a filthy dumpster but some of the best finds that we have discovered have been right on the side of the road.

Here are some pics of not our best “pickin” finds….but some of the more recent ones!

The first one is a little 4 Cup Kitchen Aid Coffee Maker – We actually do own a Keurig a gift to us from my in laws however when we run out of Keurig Cups or we can’t find them on a great sale this little coffee maker comes in so handy!  I also have the refillable Keurig cups but sometimes I just want to make 2 cups of coffee in one shot.

The next items is a wine opener we found which if you have a bad wrist and can’t use a traditional cork screw comes in very handy.  Also I was surprised to see how high these were in the store.

Let’s face it who doesn’t like the price Free?  This next item I have shared with all of you before which is the pot rack my husband “The Viking In My Life” made for me out of a ladder.  I love this piece and it’s so convenient!

The last item is just a ChikFil A coffee thermos….he found us two of them but recently I could not find my nice pink tupperware one anywhere and this one did the job nicely!  No complaints from me I was happy to have a thermos and not have to run out to the store to get another one.

My husband also found some brand new stuffed animals an entire box of them and we were able to share them with our neighbor whose mother in law is going to fill up shoe boxes with them for the holidays!

So don’t be embarrassed to pull over and pick something up on the side of the road…in this economy there is no shame in being resourceful and creative!    If your already a picker I would love to hear about some of your finds please comment and share I always love to hear from all of you!

Have a great Saturday!


28 thoughts on “It’s Pickin’ Time!

  1. You guys have incredible luck finding things. I suppose it helps if you have a job that doesn’t keep you trapped in a building all day. 🙂 I wonder what that must be like.

  2. Clever and resourceful! Thanks for the inspiration. A friend of mine has imparted to me her term for the thrifty stores– Salvation Army, Goodwill, etc.– Boutiques! Then there are the treasures saved from our early years of marriage– the old wooden WWII Army trunk dear hubby found in the ditch alongside the road. I love that old trunk, refinished a number of times.

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    1. I would love to do a guest post for Canadian Budget Binder I always enjoy the lively conversation from your readers! Yes I have my prize waiting for your USA award winner! I am sure you will be there in no time! I am hoping to move my blog too I am just working on a friend of mine’s website first. I will email you when I can get my post to you!

  4. I pick up all sorts of things on the side of the road that people no longer want. In the summer I was driving by and there was a lawn roller which can cost upwards of $100 each FREE. I’ve also gotten a free lawnmower which retails for over $350 and all it needed was a new filter to run $9.95.. and so much more. I’m not afraid to pick stuff up. I don’t actually jump into bins as we don’t really have that around here but on the side of the road, for sure! Excellent post Karen. Mr.CBB

    1. Thanks so much Mr. CBB! I have some of our better finds coming in my next blog post! I have to get my husband to help me round them up 🙂 Great find on the lawn mower you can’t beat that. We found our weed eater on the side of the road you never know what you are going to find 🙂

  5. As the redneck picker says “keep your head on a swivel”, I am always looking at the side of the road, I picked up a carload of after garage sale leftovers, I thought the sale was still going on, but when I drove by they had free signs on piles of stuff. I sold some on ebay, kept a few things for myself, and took the rest to the salvation army. I also look at craigslist free section, and have picked up tons of stuff this summer. Again, my main purpose is to resell, but I always find something I keep for myself too. One day there was an old door on the side of the road with a pile of other stuff. I wanted that door so bad for one of my pinterest ideas to make an outdoor fence out of old doors. I had my son, the dog, and a few things we bought at the store, so I could not fold the back seat down to get the door in….I had to leave it. It was too far away from home to bungee to the top of the car, and too far to take the chance to go back and it not be there. I did pick up a planter/flower pot there, and my daughter picked up a few for me where she lives. I don’t care that they don’t all match. My home is eclectic.

    1. I hate it when because of time constraints etc…we have to leave a good find behind or especially if its something I can’t wrestle into the car by myself. Sounds like you have enough great finds that you have a business going from it thats awesome! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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