Roast Beef Dutch Oven Style

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With the cooler weather moving in this is the time of year I love breaking out our dutch oven and cooking a roast only this time “The Viking” in my life my husband was in charge of putting the roast in the crock pot this past week as I was running late in the morning as usual.

Well when I got home after work and the house smelled heavenly of a delectable roast but I spied no crock pot in site.  My husband proceeded to share with a smile on his face that he broke out the Dutch Oven!  Oh my goodness words just cannot describe to you how delicious this was.

It was about a 3lb. roast

My husband browned this in a cast iron skillet and of course put all the drippings in the dutch oven.

He then threw in a bunch of carrots and onions – No potatoes he forgot (so we cooked up some rice for later.)

and some cream of mushroom soup

Some water and salt, pepper, and garlic and let me tell you this roast was amazing!

So if you have a dutch oven and you haven’t broken it out yet now is the time to get one.  We have a Lodge outlet about an hour and a half from us where we purchased ours last year as an early Christmas gift for ourselves!

Dutch ovens are so much fun to use for camping also.  Here is our apple dessert we made when we went camping with our friends this past Spring.  A Dutch Oven is a must for “preppers” to have on hand.  It is the ultimate in survival gear if you are setting up camp….now to carry it on the road or in a bug out bag I would have to say forget it those suckers are heavy unless you had a cart or a wagon to carry it in.  You can build a fire and put your food in the dutch oven and cover it with hot coals and it cooks everything perfectly.  Here is the recipe we made for our apple cobbler but one major exception I used my homemade apple pie filling so all I needed was one jar of homemade apple pie filling, some yellow cake mix, a stick of butter, and some brown sugar.  If you are having company over the holidays this is amazing and you must try it!  Dutch Oven Apple Cobbler

Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday!  I am sprucing up the house, catching up on laundry and doing a little online shopping today what are you up to today?


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