The Most Egg’citing Time Of Year!

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eggsOur gals have been enjoying our balmy December weather this month giving us approximately six eggs a day sometimes even more.  They have been loving the warmth and sunny afternoons and have been surprising us with beautiful eggs for the month and the upcoming holiday!

hen, egg laying

They have also been in a really good mood lately…trust me when it gets cold in Coastal North Carolina where we live they get grumpy.

chickens, eggs

So because we have had an abundance of eggs lately… husband has been making his fabulous breakfast burritos just to keep up with them.  He makes the best breakfast burrito I have ever had but because they are probably a little fattier than my one egg with toast or peanut butter toast I usually have one on Friday and guess what tomorrow is?  Also my son and him both love these as they are truly delicious!  Nice to pull breakfast right out of the freezer and I just microwave for about a minute and a half.

scambled eggs

The Viking’s Burritos

he simply takes a white flour tortilla and fills it

with some scrambled eggs

and some 2 % mexican shredded cheese

and some minced mushroom

and some diced bacon or cooked sausage crumbles (he uses only one meat per burrito)

some tomatoes or salsa

salt and pepper to taste

So delicious and yummy!

breakfast burrito

breakast burritos

Hope your holiday preparations are going well!

Have a great weekend!


9 thoughts on “The Most Egg’citing Time Of Year!

  1. Hey Karen Lynn! Breakfast burritos, my fave, and the Viking’s sound great! How many chickens do y’all have? We only have two and receive two eggs pretty much every day….so not enough for everyone, but that’s ok. Makes em all the more special. Happy Burrito Eating tomorrow! 😀


  2. Karen, our hens are laying a lot also…after an extended period of not laying during the end of summer. Odd, but I’m happy for the fresh eggs.
    Yummy breakfast burrito 🙂

    1. Mr. CBB they are so good….funny my son will still ask for McDonalds breafkast burritos and I am like who would even want those when you can have these? ugh the media…….hope you are having an eggciting time getting ready for the holidays with Mrs. CBB! 🙂

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