Jan 12

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Visiting The Vanderbilt’s Homestead a.k.a. “The Biltmore Estate”

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The Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate

This past fall my husband and I visited the humble Vanderbilt Homestead called Biltmore for our 23rd Wedding Anniversary trip.  This was my first time ever visiting the Biltmore Estate and I have to tell you I was in awe of this beautiful home located in my favorite part of the mountains Asheville, North Carolina.  I would love to go see these grounds in the spring as they were amazing in October!

We also got our apples to can and dry for the year while we were up in the mountains but we had an absolutely amazing time I am so glad we went so I am going to take you on some of our adventures at Biltmore….kind of a pictorial tour and January is such a great month to plan trips for the Spring and Summer anyway.  You will not believe the gardens or the grounds and we had an extreme fascination with the farm grounds…wonder why 😉  I was in heaven!  By the way I have so many more photos there is no way I could share them all with you but just know I would return again and again and the staff is phenomenal they will answer any question you have!  I will be following up with a Part 2 of this trip and how we kept things on the “Cheap” for a frugal vacation!


We started our tour of the Biltmore Estate at the Barn Yard and look at this proud rooster we ran into!

laying box

They had these clever egg collection boxes that angle away from the nesting boxes…just genius!

the viking on the tractor

What can I say men and tractors…right?

KarenLynn and the goat

We both loved playing with the goats! Note the sign that says Do Not Feed The Animals!

goat nipping at KarenLynn

Note that there is not a sign telling the animals not to eat or bite us…ha ha LOL!

the viking and the goat

My husband got very cozy with this one goat! They were pals!


There were many examples of espeliarded trees and shrubs.

biltmore grounds

The Biltmore grounds were just beautiful!

biltmore statue

Art and Statues were everywhere

biltmore water lily

An example of the beautiful flowers all over the Biltmore property.

biltmore grounds

The Biltmore grounds are quite expansive.

biltmore walkway

This walkway ends however if you go to to the left you head towards the gardens and the fishing pond.

Edith Vanderbilt's car

Edith Vanderbilt was a woman after my own heart in many ways and she loved to drive her car!

a different view of Biltmore

A view of the Biltmore from the first level of gardens.

the viking and I in the greenhouse

The Viking and I had our photo taken in one of the many greenhouses on the estate. Isn’t it fantastic?

A photo of me with the ornamental grass in the lower gardens.

A photo my husband snapped of me in the lower gardens. Look how tall that ornamental grass is!

Waterfall at Biltmore estate

This waterfall is located near the bass pond.

a different view of the Biltmore

This is a different view of the Biltmore I snapped this while we were eating our tailgate supper!

I hope your enjoyed our tour of the Biltmore estate and grounds and hopefully I can share more pictures with all of you soon!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


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  1. Shutterbug Sage

    Gorgeous pics! A trip to the Biltmore is on my bucket list!

    1. KarenLynn

      Shutterbug thank you so much for stopping in and you know I am so thankful that I got to see Biltmore even though I waited for years for the opportunity 🙂 I met a woman while I was there that had waited about 20 years longer than myself!

      1. Shutterbug Sage

        It feels like a European castle, right here in the US.

        1. KarenLynn

          It truly is and they have restaurants and shops where the stables used to be just unbelievable!

  2. Dolly Sarrio

    I do love The Biltmore such a beautiful place. They have great wines too.

    1. KarenLynn

      Dolly we did visit the wine tasting and it was wonderful! The grounds and the home are what left a lasting impression 🙂 So glad you stopped over here! 🙂

  3. Kristi @Let This Mind Be in You

    Lovely! What a treat! 🙂

    Kristi@Let This Mind Be in You

    1. KarenLynn

      Thanks Kristi! 🙂 So glad you took time on your Sunday to stop in….

  4. Canadianbudgetbinder

    WOW, that’s one beautiful place and something Mrs.CBB and I would totally love to do. The pictures are phenomenal!

    1. KarenLynn

      Thanks so much Mr. CBB…..we had to take turns carrying the “good” camera…ha ha but so worth it 🙂 Hope you guys go visit there someday. I really want to go to Canada some day especially since my Paternal grandfathers family is from there….

      1. Canadianbudgetbinder

        We would love to tour around the USA one day. Even Mrs.CBB hasn’t been anywhere in the US but Michigan so she would love it. Where do you recommend?

        1. KarenLynn

          Well I am not the best person to recommend since I am not very well traveled compared to most….but some of my favorite trips have been New York City we went to Broadway, I went to Dallas TX once and that was awesome and Colorado is really amazing country too! But if you want to feel like you are in a tropical oasis you have to go to Key West Florida 🙂

  5. oldworldgarden

    Karen: Loved the post on the Vanderbilt Mansion. I have been there several times…long ago used to go there for New Years Eve and it is such an amazing place and so beautiful! Jim

    1. KarenLynn

      Thanks so much Jim! We cannot wait to return. I am not one too be spendy but I cannot wait to go on the “Architectural Lovers tour! ” It does cost extra but my mind just swoons when I am in that mansion!

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