We Have Moved!

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If you had not noticed I had not posted for quite a while.  I am so excited that 16 months worth of planning is almost come to fruition……I even added my new header so you can all see it!

That being said it’s not all that firmed up just yet and I am not done tweaking things just yet.

So I need your help if you realize you are not getting email from our lil’ blog just type in your email in the right hand corner.  I am sorry to say but if you were a WordPress.Com follower I am not 100% positive you will be moved.  But I have taken a shine to Google Reader where I am going to start subscribing to the WordPress.Com folks that were following me and I was following you back.  You can also follow us via Twitter, Facebook, or Networked Blogs just to name a few of the portals.

WordPress.Com Is redirecting all of the links so all my posts should be over here now at my lil’ domain 😉

It’s a lot like planting the seeds in the garden and then having to re-plant or move the plants around.  Or if you don’t have the soil mixture just right you have to make adjustments or add in more compost.

Thanks for your patience during our move and I hope so much that you will share your feedback with me.  This has been a fun project my daughter has even helped with some of the design decisions.

Glad to be back to posting again!



PS – If you have linked to our lil’ blog in the past they should all work and be functional.


2 thoughts on “We Have Moved!

  1. Thought you may have been in a hospital or something…glad I found you. I like reading your blog and seeing how things work out for you closer to the beach…I am in the RDU area. Soil and weather are definitely different in each place.

    1. Brenda no all is well so glad you finally found me 🙂 Thanks so much for your kind words..it means a lot! We used to live east of Raleigh and I have to tell you some plants grew so much better and others grow better here its just amazing the difference!

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