It’s a Cheezy Celebration

my version of chicken alice

Last Spring my daughter asked that I make her a homemade meal for her Birthday celebration.  This so flattered me that she would rather have me cook dinner than go out to dinner and it also appealed to my sense of practicality as well.  Her Grammy was in town for the special event as well and all in all it was a very festive day!  Well for all of you cheese lovers out there my daughter is a huge fan of cheezy meals and cheezy celebrations so in honor of her love for cheese I had to make a meal that she would absolutely not forget and I think I picked a winner!


Part One Of The Birthday Menu (Part 2 is coming soon!)

Chicken Alice which is my version of Alice Springs Chicken at Outback

Cheesy Roasted Potatoes

Today  we will focus on Part 1 of the Menu which is the main course and the main side dish!  Both are two favorites of mine and I hope you enjoy them as well.

This is my recipe for Chicken Alice I doubt you will find an easier recipe for it on the internet although mine does involve a couple of steps.  Because I like to keep things simple like that 😉

Chicken Alice


4 chicken breasts

1/2 lb bacon I just cut the bacon package in half see my blog post.

4 Tbs. mustard

2 TBS. honey you may have to play with this honey/mustard ratio to get this to your liking.

8 big mushrooms sliced

8 oz. reduced fat mexican shredded cheese

1 TBSP.  olive oil

1/4 C. onion flakes

Some seasoning salt and salt and pepper to taste


  • First I take a cast iron skillet and put in on medium and fry up the bacon
  • While the bacon is frying up I put another cast iron skillet on the stove
  • And Then I put the olive oil in the pan
  • Then I put the seasonings (onion flakes/seasonsalt/salt&pepper) on the chicken breasts and start cooking them and when they are about halfway cooked I mix up the honey and mustard together and I brush all over the four chicken breasts on front and back
  • I then cook up in the cast iron skillet until they start getting golden, fully cooked (no pink mostly white),  and carmelized and the mustard looks like a gravy
  • I flip the chicken breasts as needed
  • While that is cooking I chop up the mushrooms and I get the cheese ready and I turn the oven on to the Broiler Setting and I pull out my Broiler Pan
  • Once the bacon is cooked and cooled a bit I chop it up
  • Next I take the chicken pieces and put them on the broiler pan.  I then drizzle all the rest of the mustard sauce that is left in the pan all over them
  • Then I put the mushrooms, bacon, and cheese on top divided equally between the four pieces of chicken
  • Lastly I put the chicken pieces in the broiler until golden brown and beautiful like in the above picture
  • I often serve with a garnish of sour cream or cilantro from my herb garden in the summer time.

Next Up My Cheesy Roasted Potatoes – YUM!

cheesy roasted potatoes

These are so simple and delicious!


8-12 small to medium red potatoes scrubbed well

8 oz. of blended finely shredded italian cheese

salt and pepper (italian seasoning optional)

a pot of boiling water

1 TBSP. olive oil


  • First scrub the potatoes
  • Then place in a pot of boiling water until just barely fork tender
  • Then I take a cookie sheet and rub the olive oil all over it so the potatoes won’t stick
  • Then cut potatoes in half they will be hot so you may need to use a fork and a knife
  • I make sure to rub the potatoes all around on the cookie sheet to get them good and oiled
  • Then place all the potatoes inside up
  • Sprinkle with cheese and seasonings
  • I usually cook at 375 to 400 degrees depending on how fast I need them done
  • Cook until golden brown usually 7 to 9 minutes you can go longer too if you are like me and you like them crispy and golden on the edges……


The other great thing about cooking meals at home for your own celebrations is not only is it much gentler to your pocket-book but you control the quality of the ingredients in your meal.   There is a sense of satisfaction in that although you do have to do dishes 😉



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8 thoughts on “It’s a Cheezy Celebration

  1. We love cheese here as well. I’m gonna have to try these. So cool your daughter likes your cooking so much. My 9yo is GF so I used to take him a Boston’s pizza whenever I knew they were having pizza at school. Then I started making pizza at home and last time he asked me to make my pizza. I almost fell over. It’s a great feeling, eh? 🙂

    1. Sara when they are confident in our ability its always a great feeling 🙂 Luckily we don’t have some of the gluten issues I have a friend who does and she has been glutened several times which has bee so uncomfortable for her.

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