Kosmic Karen’s Sweet Pepper Mustard

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Sweet Pepper Mustard
I confess these are not my peppers unfortunately I had used all of our peppers already.

My husband named this recipe after me probably because I love sweet peppers they are one of my favorite items to plant and grow and cook with besides tomatoes.  I have debated passionately with my husband “The Viking In My Life”  to secure my sweet peppers space in the greenhouse to winter over this can be challenging as space is limited in our small greenhouse.

Peppers and Mustard make a great combination as they are so healthy for you and they are delicious.  I love this mustard especially served with pretzels its one of my favorite snacks.  This is not a homemade from scratch mustard recipe however I have some of those coming soon!

I bought the large container of mustard at Costco.


peppers in food processor

Peppers have such an interesting history in medieval times an expression arose to discuss a man’s wealth was not said in regards to his estate but regarding the amount of pepper in his pantry. So if one said that “he lacked pepper” that was not a good thing.

A quote from a poet in the medieval times who did not think highly of his neighbors said,

“They have neither pepper nor mustard; I hope they’ll get some of course -but much, much later”

This was a statement of his malice intended towards his neighbors but funny all the same.  Of course not discussing the sweet peppers that I am so enamored with but I like the fact that the quote included both peppers and mustard.


Did you know it is very likely that ancient Romans, Egyptians and Hindus rather than eating mustard most likely just popped a few mustard seeds in their mouth as they were chewing their meat for added flavor?

This is how we make our Sweet Pepper Mustard:


40 sweet peppers give or take a few… (5 inches long), stems removed

Handful of Tomatillos if you have any on hand…just lends a unique flavor

4  cups yellow prepared mustard

2 Heaping Tablespoons whole mustard seed mustard (it looks very grainy and is very strong)

5 cups white sugar

1 cup honey

4 cups apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon salt

1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour

1 cup water



Remove the seeds from the sweet peppers and place the peppers and the rinsed tomatillos in your  food processor.  Process until smooth.  Pour into a large pot and stir in the mustard, sugar, honey,  vinegar and salt.  Bring to a boil, so that it’s boiling hard to the point where its rolling and foamy basically.

Now what I do next is I stir the flour and water together to form a paste in the food processor and then I ladle in slowly a couple of cups of the hot pepper mustard mixture into the food processor until it’s blended and creamy and then I slowly stir this mixture back into the pot with a whisk (it’s a deep pot) so you could use a long wooden spoon too.  This will hopefully eliminate the flour from making it lumpy.

Boil the mustard stirring constantly, for 5 minutes.  Pour into sterile jars and seal with new lids and rings.  Process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes.  (You may need to check on the specific process times for your location)

Here is what our hot pepper mustard looked like when it was all said and done.  I love this stuff if you have never made it you gotta’ try it.  It is so simple and easy to make and you know I like to keep things simple!

homemade sweet pepper mustard

I hope you enjoy this mustard as much as my friends and family do.  This sweet pepper mustard makes a great gift item for the holidays or any other special occasion.


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14 thoughts on “Kosmic Karen’s Sweet Pepper Mustard

    1. Michelle we love it at our house I hope you enjoy it 🙂 I am trying to find a way to make it without the flour now I may try corn starch but I am sure it will still be yummy!

  1. Do you think I could replace the flour with something gluten free, like cornstarch or clearjel? It sounds WONDERFUL!!!

    1. Jenne it is so tasty! I am going to try with corn starch soon maybe we could compare our results I would love that…this is one of my old recipes and I now eat gluten free…thanks!

      1. I just read about this subject…I was just looking over apple pie fillings and found this about thickeners, “*A note about thickeners: I spent a better part of a Wednesday pulling my hair out and cursing driving around town in search of, and making phone call after phone call trying to get information about thickeners! A huge thanks to my friend/canning mentor Britanie for helping me figure out what the heck to use; I must have texted her 47 times this week. Thanks to her, and my new BFF at the extension office, I can sort of pretend I know what I’m talking about around here. It can be confusing because I noticed recipes call for different things depending on when they were written, and I know the #1 rule of canning is to not make substitutions or changes to a recipe that has been tested for canning. I noticed a lot of older recipes call for corn starch, which is not recommended by the USDA for safe canning. Then I found lots of recipes calling for ClearJel, but I couldn’t find ClearJel anywhere. I finally got a hold of someone at my local extension service (I seriously love those people!) and she explained that the only products that have been verified after testing are Ultra Gel and Thick Gel. Ultra Gel is just a modified corn starch that’s safe and effective for use in canning (as well as tons of other things). She said ClearJel is the same thing as Ultra Gel, it’s just changed names. I found Ultra Gel in several local canning supply stores, so if you find a well stocked location you should be able to easily find it. You should also be able to find it at cooking stores. If not, then you can order it on-line, but that’s what you should be using. It’s not the same thing as the little boxes of “Sure-Gel” you get to make jam.” That was found on this website, http://www.ourbestbites.com/2011/08/apple-pie-filling-for-canning-or-freezing/

        1. Tracy Wow thank you for sharing your exhausting research on this subject with all of us! I so appreciate because I used to use corn starch for apple pie filling it never hurt us but I would hate to do it the wrong way or to share it incorrectly with others. Your awesome!

          1. Oh, it wasn’t MY research, it was the research of the “our best bites” site that I had come across while finding an apple pie filling! And then I was reading the comments and thought I would share since that was talked about in that string! I just came across your site, it is interesting!

    1. Ouida I don’t know how I missed this question….I usually get a canner full of about 7 and then I usually have a 1/2 jar left over……this has not been an exact science with me because I have more peppers sometimes than others so I play with the recipe I admit 🙂

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