Rendering Your Own Tallow For Good Health

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making your own tallow all done!
Photo Credit: My friend Katherine

Why would you render your own lard?  I know many of us immediately equate lard to bad but it just simply is not true!  We have been lied to by the food industry that all fats are bad and hydrogenated fats are bad this is true but natural animal fats, coconut oil, and butter are all good saturated fats.  Yes I see a nutritionist and yes I have lost 40 lbs and still working hard to keep it off but part of eating for good health for me is including real fats in my diet.  I still use butter and I also use lard in moderation that is my choice others like my friend Katherine use the real whole saturated fats more liberally.  Katherine is in very good shape so she is an example of leading a healthy diet by eating paleo and gluten-free.

Photo Credit: My friend Katherine

We have renedered our own lard before but these pictures are taken by my friend Katherine who recently made her own lard or tallow the other day and she was very pleased with the results.  Katherine eats primarily a paleo diet  but she does eat some grains and she does eat a 100% gluten free a diet as result she eats and seeks out lots of good fats!  She also plans to use this rendered lard in balms she is making as well.  I am curious to hear what she thinks about her results from that venture.

filtering the tallow
Photo Credit: My friend Katherine

One of the books that I read that further convinced me of incorporating healthier fats in our diet is the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.

This is a must read for everyone especially if you have been continuing to follow a very low fat diet with poor results.  If you would like to read more about fats click here to read “The Skinny On Fats” by the Weston Price Foundation.

balm jars
Photo Credit: My friend Katherine

Basically for those of you that have never made your own tallow the process is relatively simple but I am sharing some links here for you to different blogs who have done this as well.  All you do is cook the lard down many people put it in a frying pan and cook it down but you need to be careful not to burn anything as well.  Then of course you strain the cracklings through cheesecloth as shown above in Katherine’s photos.   Katherine also placed olive oils in smaller jalls those were the jars she as using to make her balms with hopefully she will give us all an update soon!

Rendering fat for cooking and soapmaking

Rendering Fat

Thanks Katherine for sharing your pictures with all of us and also feel free to comment and add your remarks about any of these photographs!

Wishing all of you a beautiful rest of your week!


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4 thoughts on “Rendering Your Own Tallow For Good Health

  1. Hi Karen, Up here in Northern Canada, We love your site. I am a teacher here in Parry Sound Ontario. We teach people how to live a satisfying life with out spending to much money. We use pig fat to make our lard. We cut it into small pieces. Then we put it into an electric turkey roaster and cook it over night at about 300 F. In the morning we pour it into threw cheese cloth into canning jars. Put the lid on the jars while the lard is still hot. As the fat cools and hardens the jar will seal. Try frying sweet potatoes in this lard. Yum Good.

    1. Maureen thank you so much for your complimentary comment it made my day! I will definitely go check out your blog and I so appreciate you sharing how you tender lard 🙂

  2. So far I am liking the balm I made. I made 4 different varieties and still had enough tallow left over for cooking or other projects. I read about using tallow balm on a traditional foods blog. And when I looked into it a bit more, it seemed like people with eczema and other skin issues had success with it. When I get glutened I get a terrible rash that can take months to heal. I looked for a tallow balm to purchase but it was very expensive, so I bought the suet to make my own. I haven’t had to use it on the rash yet (Thank Goodness!) but I have been using it every day this week. I did add some essential oils which helps to mitigate the tallow smell, but there is still a bit of an underlying scent. It is worth it though for how good my skin looks! Even though I use coconut oil balms, my skin has rarely looked truly moisturized, but now, it looks great. I will definitely make sure that I have some on hand for next winter when my skin gets so dry it is painful. I’ll be doing this again, that’s for sure! And I’m looking forward to real french fries. 🙂

    1. Katherine I bet you are going to cook up some great stuff with your homemade lard I want to fry some of my Jerusalem Artichokes up I know they will be amazing for me that will be a treat day 🙂 I can’t wait to hear about the balms I have had a new skin issue and am starting to wonder if its from gluten I am promptly going to do some research. Thank you so much again for sharing your pictures and what you are up too! Love it!!!

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