Blossoms, Blooms, and Flowers

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I love this time of year and I love to snap pictures of all the beauty around me so I am going to share an assortment of flower pictures kind of a pictorial if you will that  I have taken over the past couple of years!

I hope you enjoy these flower moments as much as I do!

beautiful flower
A Hibiscus Blossom In our Backyard!
5-25-2013 11-02-43 AM
A nasturtium which I am sure I picked and put in a salad! YUM!
5-25-2013 10-58-51 AM
Love when my shamrock plants bloom each year!
night blooming cereus
One of our Night Blooming Cereus Plants
the neighbors tree
A cherry blossom tree in our neighbors yard.
bloom from an onion
Talk about a bloomin’ onion!
rosemary blossom
Not only does Rosemary taste and smell great it looks great too!

I am not picky about my faves I love the blossoms on vegetables and herbs as much as I just love flowers!  I do like that most herbs have edible flowers that you can attractively arrange your dinner with in a salad or as a garnish to your favorite dish!  I know I so come across as primarily a vegetable gal but that is truly the area I am most talented in with gardening but I so admire gardeners that grow succulents and more difficult tender flowers I so wish I wasn’t a low maintenance gardener.  My husband is truly the one that babies our Night Blooming Cereus the beautiful white flower with the black back drop shown above.

I wish you a Saturday filled with beauty and grace!




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Flowers, Flowers, and Flowers




6 thoughts on “Blossoms, Blooms, and Flowers

  1. Your flowers are beautiful! My night blooming Cereus passed away about a year ago. She was about 3 feet tall and I had her for almost 30 years. Last time she bloomed we started taking pictures as the bud developed and stayed up half the night photographing her. I wish you could see my Iris right now. They are such a delight and my husband has taken pictures as the different ones bloomed. I enjoy your posts so much and thank you for sharing.

    1. Charlotte so sorry about your Night Blooming Cereus I wish you lived closer and I would just give you one! So much joy from the flowers that we stumble upon through life and I am so glad you enjoyed this post sometimes I want to say more with pictures than words and really the flowers don’t need any help 😉 Have a wonderful weekend…….send me a pic of your iris and I will share on our facebook page this weekend I would love to see it!

  2. You must have a really good camera like I do. I love my camera, worth every penny. My Mallow is just starting to shoot but it gets pretty big as it’s around 4 years old now. Your hibiscus is gorgeous, I always liked that flower. I posted a few from our garden today a well in The Sat Weekend Review.. I’ll be posting updates all summer. It’s fun to watch our hard work grow! Cheers karen

    1. I actually alternate Mr. CBB between my cell phone and my good camera I am sure you having a trained eye can tell the difference. Sometimes my cell phone is just so daggon’ convenient I can’t resist but when I am taking pictures in my garden especially close ups I prefer my SLR……My Mom gave it to me and I treasure it 🙂 Thanks for your kind words. I enjoy seeing you and your Mrs. sharing your gardening posts!

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