Keeping Things Spicy!

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We like to keep things spicy around our lil homestead so when my husband and I were looking for spice racks I was very disappointed in the selection that was available and how few spices many of them actually held.  Now that we have painted our kitchen these shelves really pop and I am quite pleased with how they look!

Well as luck would have it one of our favorite stores had just the thing we were looking for and it wasn’t in the kitchen department believe it or not the shelves I ultimately decided to use for our kitchen were in the bathroom department at Ikea and I love them!  I searched and searched and could not find the exact model we bought online so I am wondering if they only carry them in the store.

spice racks from Ikea

This is where I store the majority of our spices and trust me I’m an addict and I so enjoy having a good selection of spices.  This can also save you in the long run because you actually enjoy the taste of your meals when you cook your favorite recipes up and I am a believer that spices are a great investment and a wonderful wedding gift!

While we have tons of spices from chilli powders, to garlic, and to Italian Seasonings I guess I would say the Penzey’s Italian Herb mix is my fave!

I would love to hear how all of you store your spices I know on Pinterest they have tons of creative ideas but seeing it on Pinterest and hearing how it actually works are two different things!

Have a great  Wednesday everyone!


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7 thoughts on “Keeping Things Spicy!

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a few months now and have really enjoyed it. Love the shelves for the spices but really like the jars. Did you get them from IKEA also?

    1. Toni thanks so much! No I did not get the jars from Ikea guess where I got them? I got them at World Market and I don’t know if you have one near you but the great thing about World Market if you join their email list they send out coupons so I bought a bunch of them and used my $10 off of $30 it was one of my summer projects the year before last. So glad you stopped in and I am glad you have enjoyed reading our blog 🙂 Have a great day!

  2. Also should say thank you for making it so easy to leave a comment. I don’t comment on many blogs because of the difficulty.

    1. Toni I am so glad it was easy to comment I hate it when you have to type so much stuff in so I’m glad it was easy I used an add in from they have some great developers actually the reason I went with a wordpress design 🙂 I love hearing feedback like that means a lot!

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