Cast Iron Skillet Brussel Sprouts

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resizedimage_1390880297093-1I did not like Brussel Sprouts when I was growing up I have no idea why not….but I can tell you that I love these tiny lil’ cabbages now and they are a produce staple for us in our household!


What I do know is that they are a favorite of my husband and my son and they request these often!  I always cook these in one of my Cast Iron Skillets and it really lends a better flavor and more even cooking to the finished product.

We love Brussel Sprouts!

We have grown these in the garden and they have actually turned out as a fall vegetable for us.  I’m excited because some things just don’t grow well in coastal North Carolina and this was one that did when we can grow something it’s cause for celebration!

I slice the brussel sprouts in half. 

Ingredients & Process:

  • Heat up the cast iron skillet over medium heat.
  • Put 1 TBSP. olive oil in the cast iron skillet.
  • Add 2 cups chicken broth/turkey broth from freezer or pantry cupboard that you have put up (If you don’t have this canned chicken broth works fine).
  • Place a bag or about 3 Cups of Brussel Sprouts in the pan.   If you have fresh Brussel sprouts slice them in half this really does make them taste better because you get the broth, cheese, and pepper all over and adds more flavor.  We love leftovers!
  • Throw in a bag of frozen Brussel sprouts if you don’t have fresh.
  • Sprinkle with parmesan cheese and cracked pepper as the chicken broth soaks in.
  • Slowly they will carmelize with the parmesan cheese and they are sooooooo good!
  • I love cooking this dish in the cast iron skillet

This is how they look when they are all done they are dark green and soft and delicious!

brussel sprouts ready to eat!


This is a favorite side dish on our Lil’ Suburban Homestead I hope you enjoy it!  Another reason I love this recipe is because it is so simple and easy and after a day of work that’s a good thing.

Hoping you all stay warm this month.



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    1. Joan let me know if he likes them…..I of course play with all the recipes I try…I have a friend that uses mozarella instead of parmesan and loves how gold and crispy it an attempt to cut my fat grams down I just sprinkle parmesan and like it just the same by the way thanks for stopping in and commenting 🙂

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