Friends, Family, Faith, Fellowship & Freezer Meals

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black eyed peas, ham and collards
An example of a freezer meal I keep on stand by this one is black eyed peas, ham, and collards.
homemade cornbread
Nothing like homemade corn bread and honey from your backyard bees to go along a nice hot steaming bowl of soup from the freezer! A meal in minutes!

It has been a sad time around our Lil’ Suburban Homestead.….our family lost someone near and dear to us and well grief takes a toll on a person and I needed some time to think, mourn, and reflect.  I’m back and we are slowly getting  back in our  routine.

Often when we are grieving cooking is a way we can show love to someone else and in this case for me being a recipient along with the family of many homemade goodies….I know I ate way too much good homecooked food that being said I was so grateful not to worry about cooking or keeping the meals coming.  Bringing meals to someone or a family grieving is such a gift of your time and for many they don’t have the energy afterwards to  cook so being able to freeze some of those meals for later is such a gift as well.

Friends – in my opinion are those who don’t even need to say “Can I do anything?”  they are just there helping and doing what needs to be done.

Family – you really learn the true meaning of family when you lose someone you love because just being together helps to ease the pain in a way.  You have common bonds and common memories that help you carry on.

Faith – for me this belief is in God for others it may be something else but it helps carry me through the bad times and the good times.

Fellowship – Some probably think you have to join a church to have fellowship but I have fellowship with my neighbors, my co-workers, my family and my friends.  Being with others that are bonded to you and have common interests is a wonderful fellowship I even have it in our blogging homesteading community.

Freezer Meals- If you are not freezing meals every time you have leftovers for lunches, or even for the future you are missing out on huge grocery savings, you are also missing out on a giving ministry so if someone does have a disaster you can run them over some of your bean soup in a jiffy just make sure to tell them ” I just pulled this out of the freezer!”  Also you are just missing out on some crazy good food!  😉

I am glad to be back and plan on posting more regularly now.  It’s a new year and we have some amazing plans for our lil’ homestead this year.  Thank you to all of you who stayed with me through this low point in our journey and my quietness you all are the best.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!


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