Chickens, The Garden & Happy Mothers Day

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pennycressHappy Sunday to everyone and I hope all of you Mom’s are having a Happy Mothers Day and also to those of you who have a Mom you are spending time with today or if you are missing your Mom today this message carries hug and prayers for you today!

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday and hopefully time to enjoy your family and friends! I wandered through our garden yesterday evening the weather was so beautiful, we transplanted some tomatoes, and thoroughly enjoyed our chickens.

Our chicken Hazel our buff orpington is so funny she loves to wander over to the raised bed garden area knowing full well I am going to come over and chase her back over by the greenhouse and the chicken run!

I even spied some seeds I could not identify and several experts in a gardening group I am in weighed in and shared with me that it is wild pennycress and I can actually grind up the peppery seeds and use them for a spice and to season foods. I was so excited that I can forage in my backyard for wild foods right here in suburbia!

I am thrilled to see my peach tree loaded with beautiful peaches it’s proof that when we leave a peach tree behind because we have to move that there will be a peach tree in our future again.


My yarrow is in bloom and the flowers are just beautiful. Have a great week everyone wishing you all a relaxing Spring Sunday!


Karen Lynn

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4 thoughts on “Chickens, The Garden & Happy Mothers Day

    1. Thanks so much Mr. CBB!!! We love taking videos I have just gotten kind of slack but trying to add more to my collection πŸ™‚ Have a great Sunday! I appreciate the Mothers Day wishes πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much Cris! Appreciate you stopping by πŸ™‚ It is actually a type of wild edible but I had to snap this picture!

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