Mason Jar Mojitos with Stevia – 10 D.I.Y. Ways To Beat The Heat Series #1

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We have had a relatively cool weekend but it won’t be long and the heat will be on!   At least in Coastal North Carolina it is and I thought it would be kind of neat to do a 10 week series featured every Sunday as the weather progressively gets warmer on how to beat the heat this summer! I so look forward to hearing from all of you on your favorite ways to beat the heat as well!

We are going to kick our series off with some delicious Mason Jar Mojitos! These are great for a night spent by the campfire with friends. My friend Shelley taught me how to make them the only difference is she used a simple syrup with half zero calorie sweetener and half sugar. I just omit the sugar all together and her recipe was a real crowd pleaser!   My version is dryer and you could play around with the sweeteners to taste but since I don’t consume sugar for the most part any more it tastes plenty sweet to me!

All you need is a mason jar
1/2 Cup of silver or white rum
Some fresh mint which many of us have right in our own garden (about 16 mint leaves)
Some Stevia (4 to 6 packets this is to taste)
Juice from 1 lime (You could cut this back but I love citrus)
And Club Soda about a cup

Screw lid on and shake for a few minutes and then place in the refrigerator or on ice until company arrives!

By the way you can double this recipe liquid wise if you have more company coming but regardless 16 mint leaves and the lime juice should be enough!

Serve over crushed ice in a small tumbler you can garnish with mint or lime wedges if you want but we don’t….we go completely camp style 🙂 Top off with more club soda!

These are not super sweet they are kind of dry but definitely delicious and perfect for that special occasion!

One hint since you are not adding sugar to the recipe to put about half of the mint leaves in your mortar and pestle and macerate them some to release more of the flavor into your beverage. The lime juice will help with this too.

I hope you enjoy this refreshing beverage to kick off your summer and if you don’t consume alcohol you could certainly make a lime/mint club soda beverage for all ages to enjoy!

Wishing you all a beautiful Sunday! I hope you come back next week to read about #2 in our “10 D.I.Y. Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer Series”!


Karen Lynn

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4 thoughts on “Mason Jar Mojitos with Stevia – 10 D.I.Y. Ways To Beat The Heat Series #1

    1. Caitlin they are just the thing crisp, and delicious! So glad you came by to check them out! When does summer hit MA? 😉

    1. Shirl let me know what you think! I love them…..for my husband it wasn’t sweet enough but that’s what happens when you give up sugar a little goes a long way for me!

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