The Mostly Recycled Greenhouse

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This week on The Survival Mom Radio Network I recorded a show about “The Making Of Our Greenhouse” and my husband The Viking in my life joined me to explain how he planned out the greenhouse and why!

Join us for some humorous stories, and to learn how you too can have your very own greenhouse for a reasonable sum! Your dreams of owning a greenhouse can come true with some thrifty strategies and careful planning. It took us a while but we finally finished it!

Also we end the show with some wonderful music from one of our favorite bands local to Coastal North Carolina Massive Grass! Make sure to like them on their Massive Grass facebook page too.

I hope you enjoy the show and thank you so much for taking the time to tune in! As always please feel free to comment below on any topics you would like covered or you can email me at

Remember my show airs every Thursday and I look forward to bringing you all great information, fun stories, how to’s and some wonderful music.

“If you have a home you’re a homesteader!”

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Karen Lynn

Make sure to stop in and listen to some of the other Survival Mom Radio Network Hosts Each Week I have been listening and just wow the shows have been amazing!

2 thoughts on “The Mostly Recycled Greenhouse

    1. Caitlin glad you enjoyed it! My friend also built one that was made out of mostly recycled materials as well. Once you get inspired it’s amazing what you can put together! I know you will blog about it but let me know when you do 🙂

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