Reflecting On This Memorial Day

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my mom visiting arlington national cemetery
My Mom visiting my Step Dad’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery

Every Memorial Day I reflect and think how blessed we are as a nation to have such valiant men and women sacrifice their lives for our country.  I wanted to take a moment to pause and reflect on the men and women who gave their lives for all of us.  Some of them gave the ultimate sacrifice they lost their life in battle others of them dedicated their entire life to serving their country.

I for one am glad they have protected the United States and for all of us who live here. Today I am taking some time to think about those of them who are no longer with us I think they deserve some pause and reflection.  Too often we rush, rush, rush, and are only worried about ourselves but what about the men and women who are left behind after they have lost a loved one.  Do we remember to console parents, husbands, wives, and think of the folks we have lost and the ones that are left behind with gratitude?

a grave in normandy france

I tell our students at elementary school this isn’t just a day to have picnics although that is fun too; but it’s a day to remember those who have served.  Every year we have a special Memorial Day Broadcast and this year a good friend of mine who is a military veteran shared with all of our students her perspective on growing up in a military family and serving her country.  The students really listened to what she had to say she shared the importance of character, integrity, and respect.

A special thank you to my Mom for sharing these pictures with me.  She took the one above in Normandy, France and shared the one above of her visiting the grave site of her husband at Arlington National Cemetery.  I have visited Arlington National Cemetery with her and my family to visit my Step Dad’s grave it is a beautiful cemetery and you feel at once full of reverence for the brave men and women who lay at rest there.

I hope you enjoy this day whether you spend it with friends or family or attending a special service or at a cookout or none of the above.


Karen Lynn


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