Book Review: Jake & Miller’s Big Adventure by Bernie Carr & Giveaway

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book review jake and miller's big adventure

I was so excited to read my three nieces ages 6 through 9 this wonderful book by Bernie Carr all three of them gave it a resounding thumbs up and it held their attention.  Not only that but they wanted to read it again and that to me is a sign of a book that engages children.  They interacted with me while I read it and shared their thoughts and opinions of what was going to happen next.

We live in a time where we often don’t prepare children for what they need and how to plan ahead.  Two of my nieces go camping on a regular basis so they were familiar with the packing of food for a trip, my other niece just moved recently so she could relate to the packing of stuff to go here and there!   They related but Bernie brilliantly connects that if you are prepared you can go anywhere and I won’t spoil the ending but Jake and Miller don’t go far from home and truthfully children don’t want to go far from home either except for in their imaginations.

The art work is fabulous and truly any parent would be proud to add this book to their child’s library at home!

To purchase Bernie’s book for you children click the widget below:

I loved this book so much that I am going to offer a Giveaway for it so that someone else can enjoy it and share with their child or children!

Wishing you all a beautiful week and don’t forget to enter the giveaway below!


Karen Lynn

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