Interview with Mr. CBB at Canadian Budget

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canadian budget binder interview

I finally got a chance to interview Mr. CBB at Canadian Budget Binder this past week and I was so excited it was fun to have one of my favorite blogging friends Mr. CBB on my podcast and I was not disappointed if anything it is fun to learn about your favorite bloggers it just gives you some inside perspective on what makes them tick. This week’s show was packed with information and I have a ton of show notes we added as well!

Click here to listen to this wonderful show!

Play interview with Mr. CBB at Canadian Budget

I truly hope you all enjoyed this show as it was so much fun for me and my husband “The Viking” in my life to put together!

As always make sure to listen to all of the wonderful fabulous show hosts on The Survival Mom Radio Network! I learn so much from all of them each week!


Karen Lynn

Links From Mr. CBB (I’m not kidding you he gives this stuff out for free and it is templates that work……..actually not loaded up with ads and spam!)

Grocery Game Challenge Rules

Ultimate Grocery Shopping Guide

Free Money Saving Tools with budget and other printable forms

Free Recipe Index

I Love Hearing From All Of You! Thanks for sharing!

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