Shade Trellis For The Chicken Coop

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Hi everyone!

It’s that time of year and it is Hot, Sticky, Muggy, in Coastal North Carolina I could go on and on but you get the point, lol that’ it’s hot.¬† ¬†This week my favorite blog post I chose is Gentleman Homesteading’s Consulting’s Shade Trellis For The Chicken Coop. Perfect timing and so appropriate and I love that Mike is using plants that he is growing on his homestead to provide the shade! Food for his homestead and shade for the chickens…win win! Our upcycled coop is tucked away in the woods to the right of our house because we have lots of pines in Coastal North Carolina and a lot of folks don’t know this but chickens are naturally woodland foragers…no truly they are! Read about it here!

Even though we built a shade canopy on our upcycled chicken tractor it gets hot outside and I love Mike’s design for providing a shade trellis. I want to do this for us out back just to sit under at some point because I love the concept!

gentlemen homestead consulting shade trellis for chicken coop

Make sure to stop by and say hey to Mike and check out what he has going on with this project! I know you will enjoy his blog too…..lots of good information over there!

I wish you all a beautiful week…

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