Outdoor Chandelier for Your Home Decor

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Hello again and Happy Friday everyone! This week I am in “Beautification” mode of my home so the blog post I chose as my favorite is perfect for it! Yesterday I gave my spider plant a haircut, picked up some new herb plants, put together an herbal arrangement from some clippings from our local herb farm. I also washed some linens and made sure lots of good smelling sheets, blankets, and towels were loaded up in the linen closet…..oh it feels so nice to have all that done! Much more on my to do list today!  I can’t wait to share this post from Christine on her outdoor chandelier for your home decor!

I hope you go over and check out Christine’s wonderful post on her Outdoor Chandelier at Little Brags I just loved it and I know you will too! Make sure to check out here entire blog as it is loaded with ideas to help you make your homestead feel warm and welcoming! I know I plant to do porch redo for my blog this year if I can ever get around to it LOL! Either way Christine’s blog inspires me and I plant to keep it bookmarked for the future!

Little Brags Outdoor Chandalier

 It is always so hard to make a decision each week on just one fave, but I think for me it is easier to pick one when it so applies to where I’m at on my lil’ suburban homestead! Making my home a haven has always been something I enjoy doing and I get it better at it ever year!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

I wish you all a beautiful week, until next time…


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