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barn love

Recently The Viking and I took a road trip and we spied lots of beautiful old barns and old structures and I think they resonate with my farm girl lovin’ lifestyle and I am sure they do for lots of us! It was so much fun and truthfully I’m not sure why we like old buildings so much but we just do!  So let’s commence with my ‘Barn Love’ post!

another old bar

They remind me of our country’s rich farming history and the past which has given away to many big corporations and such but as long as we remember how our food should be raised and keep up the food revolution than maybe those old barns aren’t standing in vain.

cabin donated to Mars Hill College in Mars Hill, North Carolina

I loved them with their faded wood, old farm tools, and damp smell.  As much as we love the beach and we do I imagine we will move to the mountains one day or spend half the year at the beach and half the year in the mountains.

me taking pics

I had to share with all of you some of the barns and the ole’ cabin at Mars Hill College located in Mars Hill, North Carolina we captured along our country mountain road explorations. I hope you enjoy our old barn and building tour!  Do you love touring the back roads like we do?

Happy Summer Ya’ll!


Karen Lynn

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5 thoughts on “Barn Love

  1. My favorite vacations are the ones we take that never land us on the interstate. Driving on all back roads has taken us through some interesting parts of the country and by some wonderful landscapes. Our best finds are the ones that others drive around to get to their destination faster. Real America is found on its back roads! Thanks for sharing your barn pictures I loved them!

    1. Tracy thanks so much and I so agree there is still so much beautiful country on the back roads! Glad you enjoyed the post 🙂

    1. Nice to meet you Karan Lynn I imagine we are kindred spirits already I can’t wait to see your blog post 🙂 I will in particular check out Doors, Doors. Doors. Thank you so much for the visit 🙂

  2. We ALWAYS take the back roads, whether we’re driving 20 miles or 200! So much more interesting than just zooming down the highway. We love old buildings too. They capture the history of our nation, the richness of a life well-lived. You’re invited to share this outdoor post on Tuesday’s Maple Hill Hop!

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