Karelian Stew, Oh My!

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Happy 4th of July and Happy Friday everyone!  I am so excited to share about this Karelian stew I stumbled upon recently.

This week as I continue on my gluten free journey I have been in need of comfort food and this recipe just looked like the perfect comfort food and healthy too! Yesterday I found a lamb roast in the freezer and cooked it up for dinner along with some red mashed potatoes, and asparagus it was just the thing I was craving. Tonight I do plan to make something a little bit lighter and more like summer fare. I so enjoyed reading this blog post of Joanna’s about her fabulous Karelian stew or Karelian Hot Pot! Her blog is called “Ecuador In My Eyes” and it’s got some great information of her experiences and her journey in Ecuador. I perused a little bit and I really enjoyed her thoughts, musings, and reflections you definitely have to stop in and tell her hello!

karelian stew

As always I am so looking forward to seeing all of the amazing posts this week! My favorite part is learning about all of you and learning new things of course to make my lil’ homestead more efficient or more beautiful.

Knowledge is a beautiful thing!

 I wish you all a beautiful week!

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I Love Hearing From All Of You! Thanks for sharing!

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