All About The Bees

all about the beesHope everyone is having a wonderful summer!

Last week my podcast was as my title on this blog post suggests “All About The Bees” to make it even better my husband The Viking in my life joined me and it was all Bee Talk for the entire podcast.  We had so much fun and he loves talking about the bees this is the pursuit that engages him more than I have ever seen another passion take a hold of him and I love his enthusiasm.  I am enjoying learning more about the bees as well so if you are new to beekeeping and would like some encouragement well this is the show for you!

all about the bees

Click below to listen!

listen to all about the bees

Hope you enjoy the show! As always feel free to comment and ask questions or share if your opinion differs from what we share. I truly enjoy hearing from all of you!

Remember to listen to all of The Survival Mom Radio Network Hosts each week as we all talk about a huge range of topics and I know I for one love listening to everyone’s shows!

interview with annie dodds coming up soon on the survival mom radio network

My show this Thursday, July 10th will be featuring Annie Dodds, Author of “A Widows Walk Off Grid To Self Reliance: An Inspiring True Story of Courage and Determination”. I am so excited for you all to meet Annie and learn what a wonderful and strong woman who was bold and courageous not only through all she faced in her off grid journey but also to share her story with all of us!

Karen Lynn

2 thoughts on “All About The Bees

  1. I am almost totally deaf now and cannot hear the podcasts. I would absolutely love to take part and learn more but how? I have tried the closed captioning on some of videos I have watched online but they end up being worse than the captioning I get with television.

    1. Louise I am so sorry about this I have asked if there are any plans as a network to correct this but I can tell you every Tuesday I have a follow up post usually that outlines some of the info from the actual podcast one thing I can do immediately is to try to type more info about the podcast in that post however I know that does not replace a transcript. I don’t have a method in place yet to create a transcript but I have some thoughts I am mulling over on how to best to this for you and others. I am seeing what I can do with time permitting on my end to fix this issue for you. I promise I am looking into it and will get back to you soon.

I Love Hearing From All Of You! Thanks for sharing!

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