Karen Lynn Goes To London

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Karen Lynn Goes To London
Hello Readers!

I am back from my trip to London and my brief hiatus and while I have missed all of you I had a fabulous time! I went on this trip with my Mother and since I have not traveled abroad before it did not disappoint. If anything I did not know what to expect at all and I am so glad I prepared for the unexpected. I met the kindest folks everywhere I went in England, I met people who love their Royalty fiercely, they are people who are proud of their heritage, and oh boy can they make a cup of tea! Words can’t describe how delicious their tea is. From the porridge to the poached eggs, the bacon that just wowed me to the rich history of this country I just can’t put into words how wonderful this experience was.

Karen Lynn Goes To London 2

I loved learning the different terminology for common words I picked up while I was over there 😉 Here are just a few I will mention…

Toilet is Water Closet
Elevator is Lift
Cash Register is Till
Apartment is Flat
Cookies are Biscuits

Everything from the style, decor, and cooking inspired me to view my world at home differently. I am now wanting to plan our gardens in more of the rustic cottage english style we began a lot of that when we started with the raised beds but I want to add more pathways, benches, and art too.


We also visited the very academic town of Oxford while we were there and went on a lovely walking tour and our guide shared a story about the inspiration for the scar on Harry Potter apparently word is that J.K. Rowling spent a lot of time in the town of Oxford and was inspired by a signature of a stone mason. You truly learn something new every day and that is why I had to share with all of you about my time in this amazing country England. True I only saw a snippet of what this country has to offer but I so enjoyed that time.  I actually don’t know how much I have shared with all of you that I am an avid reader and have read the Harry Potter Series!  There is something spell binding about books that include sorcery and wizardry just to name a few and J.K. Rowling awed me with her vivid imagination!

Karen Lynn visits Stone Henge

One of my favorite stops was visiting the magical Stone Henge wow what a beautiful place and I strongly urge anyone who has an opportunity to be in proximity of Stone Henge to visit, take time and soak up the country air because it is close to some free range pig farms incidentally England has amazing bacon not like what we serve in the United States where I live.

Later this week I will post some photographs of the beautiful gardens in London. We visited Kensington Palace gardens, Trinity Square, The Tower of London Gardens and so many more.  I could go on and on about the gardens but I will stop for now but I do hope my enthusiasm is contagious!

Most excitingly I got my first stamp in my passport. Now I am back at home and already working on some more homesteading posts for all of you fine folks!


Karen Lynn


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6 thoughts on “Karen Lynn Goes To London

  1. I love London … the journey with you made it even more lovely. You captured most of the favorite parts for me … except Mama Mia. I so enjoyed seeing this performance in the place where it began: Novello Theater, London West End. And we took the tube to and from! Love, Mom

    1. Mama Mia was marvelous I agree! We had fantastic seats and the energy in the room was palpable! Good times for sure! The entire house was dancing before it was over! I’ll never forget it!

  2. Thanks for this Karen! Of course I enjoyed the trip, too, if only through the words and pictures you and your mother so kindly shared!

    1. Joyce we had such a wonderful time! I worried at times I was posting too many pictures but it was all so exciting and new! Glad you enjoyed them!

  3. WOW, when did you put the new blog changes up, I love them. Very bright and vibrant. Well done mate. I’m super jealous you got to go to the UK. We were supposed to go this year but something has come up. I’m sure in the next year though we will be on our way back. I’m glad you had a good time and yes you learned some new words just like my wife did. ha! Thanks for sharing Karen. P.S Yes, the bacon IS MUCH BETTER in the UK.

    1. Mr. CBB I am still working on changes to the blog…..as much as I love photographs I have researched that blogs load much slower w/ too many photos etc…so the changes that have been made have been to slowly make the blog more “Readable & User Friendly” so I can get high quality content to my readers as fast and easily as possible! That being said I take it as high praise that you like the changes! Still working on menus and making the font nicer (all in process…:)….) I loved my visit to London I know you will get there soon! Tell your wife that I was so grateful that they wrote on the street “Look Left” or “Look Right”…..I could never remember ha ha! I do indeed miss the bacon but was glad to get back to my own bed and my family! Thanks for your comment 🙂

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