Giveaway & Book Review: The Urban Chicken by Heather Harris

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I am so excited to offer all of you a Giveaway & Book Review: The Urban Chicken by Heather Harris and Heather has graciously offered to sponsor this giveaway!

Recently I had the privilege of getting to do a book review from my friend Heather’s latest e-book “The Urban Chicken” this is a hot topic these days with many folks being told their rights to raise chickens in their own back yard are being revoked. Heather is a blogger at Homesteading Hippy and she is an expert on raising chickens for meat, eggs, and has a vast knowledge base of which to draw her wisdom from including being a successful urban homesteader on a very tiny space and feeding her family and thriving as well!

Whenever I do a book review I want to share with all of you what I like about the book without spoiling some of the high points and why I enjoyed the book! First of all Heather’s not “fowling around” (sorry I couldn’t resist) but she really knows her stuff. She will help you navigate to find that right breed for your homestead’s needs, she shares her home-made feed recipe and covers a myriad of topics. Two topics that caught my eye right away was her topic on an egg bound hen and also dealing with bullying chickens.

Many folks get chickens and think they are all going to get a long perfectly and Heather’s book covers topics that are a little tough to navigate as a chicken owner and her book is filled with her own wisdom and experience in raising chickens.

A lot of you know we are foodies here at Lil’ Suburban Homestead and Heather even includes some of her tried and true recipes like liver pate’, chicken enchiladas, and white chicken chilli! They all look amazing and I am going to be trying the chilli recipe next week Oh Yum!

This is your go to Chicken book and not just for the Urban Farmer either it will be a great resource you will be happy to have on your tablet or wherever you read your e-books!

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I wish you all a beautiful week! I don’t know about you but I always love learning more about my chickens and how to take care of them better! I think I am going to try Heather’s recipe for home-made feed for them!

Karen Lynn

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