15 Potato Growing Tips

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Potatoes are a passion of mine so I thought I would share with all of you my top favorite 15 potato growing tips from my Hometalk board! Especially eating potatoes and the  best way to provide yourself and your family an abundance of delicious potatoes is to grown your own!


Surprisingly you can grown your own potatoes in a very tiny space and you can actually produce an abundance of healthy delicious potatoes for you and your entire family to enjoy almost all winter long.

I love all types of potatoes. I love garlic and rosemary potatoes, I love them mashed, I love them scalloped, I love them fried! I even love potato soup and tater tots!  What are you favorite types of potatoes?  Do you have any fabulous growing tips!  Please connect with me on Hometalk I would love to add your hometalk post to my collection!

If your not familiar with hometalk it is a fabulous community where we share tips and information on home and DIY topics including gardening one that is near and dear to my heart!

I have been collecting a series of potato growing tips and potato growing information on my Hometalk Board “Potato Growing Tips” where I have collected 15 informative articles that share in detail great information about growing potatoes.

Karen Lynn

2 thoughts on “15 Potato Growing Tips

  1. I’ve never grown my own potatoes before but Katrina has and shared her tips in a post on growing potatoes in a pot. It was quite popular which leads me to believe that people really do want to learn the simple methods of growing potatoes at home. You can’t beat the taste as my father-in-law grows them.

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