The Suburban Off-Grid Cooking Series No. 2 – White Bean and Chicken Soup & Hard Boiled Eggs (Sun Oven Coupon Link Included!)

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I’m back this week with another Suburban Off-Grid Cooking Series No. 2 in this series and we are going to be talking about the “All American Sun Oven” and I have to tell you I am falling in love with this product.  I am now starting to wonder how I ever did without it.

I think we think we will be prepared in a catastrophe and I am just going to speak about me here for a second I am not the handiest female with propane tanks etc…. I get a little nervous about forgetting to turn the propane off.  I agree it’s a necessary skill but I feel so safe when I am working with the sun oven and it’s so easy and it’s using FREE energy that the sun is giving us!

I’m not a fancy gal I like to eat simple whole good foods so these two recipes are both recipes that can feed your family using the sun’s energy and you can be busy doing other things!  I wanted to make a one pot meal where all of our nutritional bases for healthy eating are covered this soup was the trick!

The Sun Oven set we got came with an enamel wear pot that you can cook 2 different meal items in we just doubled our soup recipe and placed half of the ingredients in each pot!  The enamel pans are extremely sturdy and made for tough wear and tear!



This soup was AMAZING!

The Viking’s White Bean &  Chicken Soup


Simply place ingredients below in pot/pots and let the sun cook it for about 6 hours so most of the day

4 Slices of thick bacon fat or fat back

2 cans white northern beans

4 chicken breasts – ours were frozen so they had to cook all day!

2 – 2 Cup bags of frozen chicken broth

salt/pepper/chives/cumin/garlic for seasoning to taste

Divide all ingredients up between both pans and then cook in your sun oven and let the sun do all the work for you!


sun oven soup

I know it doesn’t sound all that hard I mean why would you want to cook up hard-boiled eggs in your Sun Oven for one I like the energy savings.  Two I eat hard-boiled eggs all week for breakfast so it is literally like cooking up a staple we use in our household and having it ready to eat all week-long!

These simply get placed right in the carton and cooked up it was an absolute wonder to me!

One of my motto’s is to keep things simple and have less stress.  The Sun Oven is already doing that for me so on Saturday or Sunday morning I load it up with food and let it cook all day and I feel better about my foot print on the planet too it’s one more thing that I am doing to use less energy.



This is even easier.

You simply place the hard-boiled eggs in the Sun Oven per the American Sun Oven site right in their very own cardboard carton and it takes about an hour depending on the sun!

Wow these tasted great the eggs get a slight hue of grey or tan on them from baking but they are delish!

Coming soon next week a Holiday bread recipe made in The Sun Oven! But I’m not telling you what kind yet……I am loving learning so much about our All American Sun Oven the sky is the limit with what I can cook with this baby!  I have the Preparedness and Dehydrating package and next week I am going to share with you about all of the different components that I love about this oven!  I also will be doing a podcast to review this product too but so far I only have good things to say my husband and I are both impressed!

Sun Oven is offering right now just in time for the holidays for my readers a huge discount!  Click here!  This coupon does expire Nov. 30th so you are going to want to take advantage of this offer if you are interested because I think it’s a perfect preparedness item and it’s stores so easily more to come on that!

If you do get one let’s share stories about our experiences!


Wishing you all a beautiful week!  I can’t wait to share more about our All American Sun Oven and in a few weeks we are going to move on to another off-grid cooking experience!


Karen Lynn


I Love Hearing From All Of You! Thanks for sharing!

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