Could You Become More Prepared In One Year? (Book Giveaway & Review: Countdown To Preparedness by Jim Cobb)

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countdown to preparedness by Jim Cobb
Could you become more prepared in one year?

I love it when I have the opportunity to share a book review with all of you especially when it is written by one of my Survival Mom Radio Show guests, a fellow blogger, and one of my most faithful encouragers of me with my writing efforts. Jim is Blog Owner of Survival Weekly and is Owner of Disaster Prep Consultants and truthfully I don’t know how he has time to write such fabulous books but he manages to make it all happen! But enough about how great I think Jim Cobb is although I do think highly of him let’s talk about the fact that he is an expert in becoming more prepared and he wrote a book that met me exactly where I’m at and that is I’m a person that is very short on time!

Recently on my radio show Lil’ Suburban Homestead with Karen Lynn on The Survival Mom Radio Network I told Jim when he was a guest on the show that I felt I was moderately prepared but didn’t make time to pay attention to details and that we had plans but really didn’t have them on lock down so if we had an emergency today that my family and I would be in trouble.

Click here to listen to my interview with Jim!

Jim actually thought about people like me he’s a fairly busy guy himself and put this fantastic book together which has taken me a couple of weeks to read through because I am short on time but since I am doing a book review of the entire book I didn’t feel it was fair to just do weeks 1 through 6 lol! So his book which is called “Countdown To Preparedness” The Prepper’s 52 Week Course To Total Disaster Readiness is just that broken down into 52 weeks so that you can become more prepared in one year!

A book like this definitely makes it more interactive and engaging too getting through all of these some of what are just that tasks that have to be done. Jim provides check lists and so much more!

He breaks it down into very doable and easy to accomplish categories.

My favorites or the ones I needed the most help with were things I had not thought about in an in depth way which talks about building temporary shelter. Jim also discusses important stuff a lot of us overlook because we aren’t used to being without running water etc….but he covers water purification, hygiene, and even human waste disposal just to name a few! He also covers topics such as communication, Ham Radio, Safety, and even adds some important information on that lovely season we call Winter…Brrrr I live in Coastal North Carolina and I am not a fan of winter at all.

Jim builds assignments into each chapter I know Ugh right…who likes homework? How else can he get people like me to do this stuff! He knows how important it is more so now than ever for us all to be prepared! So I for one appreciate the assignments even though I do have to add it to my to do list and here’s the thing you won’t become more prepared not doing anything! Are you all caught up in life like I am?

I gotta’ tell all of you right now I am highly overwhelmed by my to do list these days and now the holidays are here so it’s an even better time to put off things I don’t want to do. But it was time for me to stop putting things off and maybe it’s time for you too!

This book is highly valuable to me because of my lack of time I am able to review this in small baby steps as I call them and within a year I am going to have a plan in place and I will be able to have him back on my radio show and I can show off my prepper skills!

Another exciting piece of news I have to share with all of you is that Jim Cobb has offered to give an autographed copy of his book Countdown To Preparedness The Preppers 52 Week Course to Total Disaster Readiness to one of you lucky winners! All you have to do to enter is join in below! I have made this giveaway so easy all you have to do to enter is subscribe to Jim Cobb’s newsletter Survival Weekly or visit him at his blog Survival Weekly and say hey! And to get more entries you can stop in and visit my facebook page Lil’ Suburban Homestead or subscribe to my periodic newsletter! Very quick entry for all and it’s all set up for you in the widget below!

Good Luck to all of you and if you don’t want to wait to find out if you won or you want to get another one for a gift you can order a copy of his book right here! (*affiliate link)

Wishing you all a beautiful week and Happy Prepping!


Karen Lynn

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