Carolina Style Leftover Turkey Stumbo (a stew that is so delicious that it wants to be a Gumbo)

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After hearing from my Louisiana friends on Facebook for I did not want to offend for one I did not use a Roux in this recipe I also did not use any authentic Cajun spices and oh my I had no okra so I didn’t use that. I know my Louisiana friends take their Gumbo very seriously and out of respect for them I am calling my recipe a Stumbo a stew that is so delicious it wants to be a Gumbo but what is really cool about this recipe is that it is truly a prepared pantry recipe as I had all the ingredients readily available and it’s nice on the wallet too!

The closer we get to knowing all the ingredients the closer to good health we are and I love taking ingredients like leftover turkey and creating them into something completely new! I have to share my recipe for using turkey leftovers and the results were beyond what I anticipated. The Viking and I put together a delicious turkey gumbo Carolina Style I say that because the soup had a pleasant smoky flavor I attributed to the turkey sausage but not really a cajun flavor authentic gumbo however it was quite memorable!

This would be great served with some potato pancakes which coincidentally I have a blog post coming soon!

(I don’t usually advocate a spice by brand but this Kickin’ Chicken by Weber is my new favorite spice right now it’s awesome and I don’t even work or get paid by Weber to say this LOL!)

Hope you enjoy this recipe!


Karen Lynn

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