Cook Book Review: Healthy Venezualan Cooking by The Nomad Cook

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I love doing cook book reviews! What better than to flip through a book filled with gorgeous food pictures and this particular cook book “Healthy Venezuelan Cooking” by The Nomad Cook was one that was chock full of paleo and gluten-free recipes as well!  For me it’s hard to find a cook book these days that has recipes in it that aren’t just delicious but healthy too!

So I am going to tell you about the 3 recipes that really caught my eye but they all looked amazing!

Chicken Liver Pate
First of all as a person that leads a gluten-free lifestyle and the mother of a daughter who leads a paleo lifestyle I am always looking for recipes that are nutritious, healthy and delicious and this met all of my requirements. Also liver is extremely good for you and if you don’t believe me just read here what the Weston Price Foundation has to say about liver! You can eat pate with celery or lately I found a cracker I really enjoy that’s gluten-free by Breton Crackers and it’s healthy too!  Don’t balk at the liver word we need it in our diets and chicken liver pâté is amazing even better on gluten-free crackers!

Another dish that caught my eye was a traditional called “Sancocho“this is a traditional dish loaded with all sorts of goodies it even included chicken, carrots, celery, yucca and even pumpkin which is an ingredient that I believe is vastly under used. This looked like such a warming meal for the fall and winter months and one that is easily put together!  I love one pot meals they are simple and vastly under rated! 

Lastly a dish in this cookbook that just looked incredible was the Calamari Stew!  Around here it is common to order fried calamari before dinner but this stew looked absolutely appetizing served alongside a beautiful bed of rice!  cookbook2

I think it’s so important to shake things up and try dishes from other cultures often times they become family favorites that are asked for over and over!

I also like to incorporate dishes with pretty colors liked red and yellow peppers, a splash of green onion and fiery red tomatoes!

Eating healthy and delicious food is a fun culinary adventure for the whole family!

Don’t take just my word for this you can get your own copy of this fabulous cookbook right here!  This may be the perfect holiday gift idea for the foodie in your life!  

I wish you all a beautiful week and many food adventures ahead!


Karen Lynn

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