Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with Tulle & Twine

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brown paper packages tied up with tulle and twine by lil suburban homestead

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday! Yes I’m in a good mood I am on winter break until January 5th when you work in education it’s a forced vacation but oh boy am I ready for it! I am so excited to share this post about me wrapping my gifts in brown paper packages tied up with tulle and twine!

This year I decided for this Christmas season I’m not buying any wrapping paper now don’t think I am being this amazing super woman who is going to magically wrap stuff without stuff. You see the thing is I have plenty of stuff in my house to wrap with so for a lot of the family gifts I did use wrapping paper I already had in the house. However for the teacher gifts for my son and for my friends gifts at work I thought lets get creative and sure enough I pulled out some brown paper bags, some tulle and some twine and a few other odds and ends and I was quite pleased with how they turned out!

brown paper and tulle lil suburban homestead

In some cases the brown paper bags aren’t big enough so I took some tiny spring gift bags I had bought last year at then end of the school year and I attached the bags! I loved how they turned out!

You don’t always have to run to the store sometimes you have everything you need right at home and I think folks appreciate the extra effort! So if you are facing a year where times are tight or if you just want to be more sustainable this works! It would also be cool to get some girlfriends together and have everyone bring some ribbons in and do this together or guy friends (I don’t want to exclude the guys) 😉 I package up our homemade kahlua, mud scrubs, applesauce, apple butter and more or you can also just wrap twine and tulle around the canning jars too! It’s a fun project and I am a huge fan of twine and tulle so I like to use them all the time anyway!


I used yard sale tags that we had already on hand and you get about 500 of them for super cheap, the tulle I got on a big roll a couple of years ago at a local warehouse shopping club and it was relatively inexpensive and of course you know most of us have access to brown paper bags! The twine we have had on hand we use it for gardening, in the greenhouse, on packages, and so much more! I also had some red shredded paper on hand that I put in the bottom of the bags just to make them look a little more festive! The ribbons I used mostly were repurposed from packages that I or other family members have received! The really cool thing about this project is that the sky is the limit it’s basically what do you have on hand to decorate your packages with. You could of course be way more “crafty” then I was I opted to keep things simple but yet in it’s simplicity the gifts look festive!

paper 4

A little creativity, resourcefulness, and organization can go far! I think’s its fun to be more creative with your gifts and I’m not running around trying to find over priced wrapping paper either. I also play christmas music and drink Christmas coffee during this process so it’s fun and if I have some candy canes around it’s even better LOL!

I wish you all a peaceful and stress-free holiday ahead and a beautiful week!

Until next time!


karen lynn





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5 thoughts on “Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with Tulle & Twine

  1. wow karen i finally had some time to sit down as my afterschool program i worked for has closed down and i am home until evening school starts…i am in love with your blog i have bounced around and i am listening to your pod cast… yes i have dreamed of my own green house forever but cost was the issue.. i found some old window panes and grew seeds under them outside as the sun shined upon them…they were ready for the spring planting….anyway i am impressed with allof your work you have a gift……stephanie xoxo jonny is like WOWOWOW

    1. Stephanie that means so much to me and tell Jonny I said thank you 🙂 I hope you enjoyed your winter break! and you guys enjoyed your time together! Thanks again for taking time to stop in!

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