Just For Fun: Vintage Sewing Items & Fabric It’s a Dumpster Diving Post

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Just For Fun: Vintage Sewing Items & Fabric It’s A Dumpster Diving Post

sewing susan needles

Hi ya’ll! It’s been a while since I have just shared a fun vintage post of some of The Viking’s and my most recent finds!


Well we have lots of fun stuff for you guys to peruse today! You know once upon a time women that sewed and it was mostly women and we all know that has changed I mean in our household the Viking does most of the sewing and he does such a nice job of it. True confession I am the worst sewer ever…is that even a word? LOL! I can make pot holders and basic blankets but this year since we found all of this great stuff I really want to get a new sewing machine and dive right in!

dumpster diving fabric
This fabric was in great condition!

Why would I get a new sewing machine you might ask? Well I am so glad you did…..well my baby girl moved a couple of hours away and she’s all grown up and that girl is a sewing/decorating/fashion diva. I mean she makes the Trading Spaces stars look boring I even told her I wanted to feature her living room re-do but you know how it is time etc…I don’t know if I will ever get too. I promise if I get my hands on her before and afters they are coming to you I mean it! Cross my heart!

progressive farmer

So I am going to get a new sewing machine and I am going to sew! That’s the plan anyway!   I need new pot holders desperately and this fabric The Viking found is in absolute excellent condition!  To see my pot holder post click here!



My Grandma and my Mom sewed me all sorts of beautiful dresses and I was the eldest granddaughter so I got lucky although I am her only Grandchild that never got one of her handmade quilts this will always make me sad but that’s another blog post. I however did not sew my daughter many clothes but my Mom did make her 1st Communion dress and it was beautiful and her Paternal Grandmother made her the most amazing Halloween costumes! From me she never got anything hand sewed but maybe if I ever have Grandbabies one day they will get some….maybe……


Once upon a time there wasn’t a sewing store on line where folks just grabbed what they wanted and had 2 day shipping…..folks used to order their patterns and go into town to buy fabric….and they  had to plan far in advance for the perfect dress or outfit for any occasion. I don’t even think our instant gratification society can really understand this completely. I come from the make do generation of the 70’s where I believe I can work with what I have but now a days everyone has to have the newest, the best, the latest, cutting edge…….for years folks reused patterns and were frugal with their funds. I think that’s what ultimately makes me admire this package of patterns we found. I realized this person probably used several of these more than once or even shared with her friends.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I loved looking through these patterns and all of these old goodies….please feel free to comment and share if you have any idea of what type of sewing machine I should buy on a budget of course!



I Love Hearing From All Of You! Thanks for sharing!

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