Coastal North Carolina Chickens Love The Snow

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The Chickens Love The Snow

Our chickens love our little sprinkling of snow today and for that matter so did the dog! I took advantage of the dusting and went outside with my “Big Girl Camera” as my friend Katherine calls it and snapped a few shots! They never get to see the snow and well quite frankly they act silly and have fun with it.


I am not a professional photographer at all but I do hope you enjoy the pics as much as I enjoy taking them! They are a riot running around the yard and such and the dog is right on their heels!


They even got to eat their feed outside their mobile coop today which they always enjoy whenever “Mom” is home that’s me they are able to free range around the yard so I can check on them. Since I work in education we had an optional snow day today and I took advantage of it of course!


In particularly the chickens were in a mood to pose today and with their beautiful feathers against the snow kissed background I thought it made for some lovely photos! They love to jump in the pots in the yard and today they even hung out for a little while under our grill….who knows what they are thinking?


I wonder when the next time our Coastal North Carolina Chickens will see the snow? According to the weather we have freezing rain going on now and you never know we may have more snow in our forecast for tomorrow’s weather. Either way if you are stuck indoors join me and my guest Jared Stanley from Permasapien and listen to my live Radio Show Tonight at 9pm est. on The Prepper Broadcasting Network it should be a wonderful time and you won’t have to venture out in the cold at all!

I wish you all a beautiful week! Until next time….


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