Paleo: Butternut Squash-n- Bacon – Oh my!

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Paleo: Butternut Squash-n-Bacon – Oh my!

lil suburban homestead butternut n bacon for dinner

Hi everyone first let me say I am officially on Spring Break so you will not be seeing any blog hops for the next week! You will see some scheduled posts though and of course I have my radio show this Tuesday at 9pm Est. on The Prepper Broadcasting Network which I so hope you come join the Viking and me for that it will be an exciting topic on “How We Lived On One Income and Thrived On A shoestring Budget!” It’s a Viking and Karen Lynn exclusive show so come on over and walk down memory lane with us! I also decided to share a post today (this one!) that I have been wanting to share for a while and just haven’t gotten around to it because I have just been way too busy.

Those of you that have followed my blog for a long time know that I love food so this should come as no surprise to you and I also love simple recipes so I am so excited to share my new favorite recipe with what I consider to be an under-utilized food source over all and that is using up the delicious thing orangey butternut squash and marry it to my absolute fave which is bacon (of course I use nitrate free whenever possible).

We love to serve this alongside some nice thick delicious pork chops and I will admit some homemade applesauce round this meal out very nicely!

First of all butternut squash if you are not used to eating it and preparing it well it can be hard to slice into it but the benefit of its long storage and nutrition far outweighs any hassle and there is very little hassle actually. This is a perfect example of a food that I call “Long Food” in my post here! All you have to do is slice it in half, scoop out the seeds, and depending on whether you are in a hurry or not you can pre-cook these in the oven most nights though The Viking let’s the grill do most of the work for us. He had a lightbulb idea let’s cook the butternut squash with the bacon on top and a “wonderous thing occurred” right on the grill the bacon juices and fat got absorbed into the squash and well it turns delicious squash into world altering “Oh my” squash!

The Viking really does lay the bacon right on top of the squash of course away from the flame and let’s it cook away………serving it up is the easiest part you just lay it on the table next to your meat of choice although it easily could be served just as is since it truly makes any dinner a feast!

If you don’t have a grill my suggestion would be to take a shallow pan and fill with water and bake the squash facedown at 350 degrees until fork tender underneath. Pull out pat dry….fry up some bacon and drizzle a little bacon fat on top of the squash and serve the bacon nice and crispy on top.

Although my preferred method would be to grill it comes out with a wonderful smoky flavor and crispy bacon on top. I highly recommend you to try this Butternut Squash -n – Bacon if you get a chance……some of you may even have some in your root cellar somewhere just waiting for grillin’ season. You know who you are!

Lastly I want to mention to you that butternut squash is a really healthy food it has 437% of your Vitamin A per the United States Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service and it’s loaded with Vitamin C too! Definitely a food that should be included as part of a healthy nutritious diet for sure! If you don’t know what Vitamin A does one thing it does is promotes healthy liver support and your liver is essential to you for good health. I love sharing some health facts about foods that are good for our bodies!

Now bacon my main focus on bacon is that it’s amazing and well if you eat it in moderation and you eat (nitrate) free versions it can be included in a balanced diet that being said we could probably eat less of it 😉

We hope you enjoy this treat!

Wishing you all a beautiful week…..until next time!



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