DIY: 16 Georgous Pinecone Upcyles – Pinecones Aren’t Just For Fall

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Ya’ll know how I much I love a good DIY project and I know ya’ll know how much I love Hometalk it is one of my favorite DIY sites! But did ya’ll know pinecones aren’t just for fall? Yes you heard me Pinecones aren’t just for fall!

I have always loved the look of pinecones but in my Hometalk board 16 Gorgeous Pinecone Upcycles I was struck with how versatile they are once again. My pine cone wreath post “Too Many Pine Cones In Your Yard Make a DIY Pine Cone Wreath” was so popular when I first posted it and there have been many amazing pine cone decor projects posted I am sure. However I put together a board of 16 of my faves the one thing I tried to do was make sure all the projects I added to my board could be used in all seasons not just for the fall and winter but in particular I wanted projects that could be used for spring. I loved creating this board and chose these 16 posts based on ingenuity, affordability, and simplicity. From making candles with some twine and pickle jars, to a simple place setting for any celebration I think you will all be pleasantly surprised! I love sharing simple crafty ideas that use “Free” and or natural elements easily found well at least for us in North Carolina. We have pine cones all over our yard! I actually am outdoorsy and prefer home decor that is rustic and often imparts lots of wood or natural elements to the finished product so it makes sense that I love pine cones so much!


First off to seasonally change a pine cone wreath post all you have to do is add some pastel colored ribbon or tulle to make it look summery or springlike. When you click on the posts on my board just imagine some of the projects with bright pale purple or pink bows and immediately you will understand why I believe Pine cones aren’t just for fall! Painting pine cones or even bleaching them can make a huge difference as well, amazingly just painting the tips or gilding them with silver and gold can create an entirely different mood.

I hope you all enjoyed perusing my picks as much as I had picking out my faves! I wish you all a beautiful week until next time.




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4 thoughts on “DIY: 16 Georgous Pinecone Upcyles – Pinecones Aren’t Just For Fall

    1. So glad you enjoyed this post it was fun for me to curate or pin the board! One of my faves was the pastel pinecones I may make a spring wreath for our front porch! I love using free materials to make something clever!

  1. Hello KarenLynn!
    Love your pinecone wreaths, in all their forms! I hate getting rid of pinecones around here (California), so I tend to save them all in one basket and move that basket around the house. Then, in the fall, I rinse off those cones and dry them outside, then they are all ready again! My husband and I actually tossed some that were 20 years old but were pretty ratty this past summer, so I collected new ones this fall. If you or your readers want to stop by, my December posts show some of the cones including the monster-fat, spiky cones I picked up with friends while out on a long hike the day after Thanksgiving.
    Happy crafting!
    Barb 🙂;

    1. Barbara thanks for sharing I have huge pinecones but not the real tall spiky ones thanks for sharing the resource! Isn’t it just so much fun to go for a hike in the woods and collect pine cones and breathe in the fresh air unfortunately for us ours will fall out of the tree and bonk us on the head LOL! Thanks for the visit 🙂 Can’t wait to read your post!

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