Product Review: Mitt N Grip Gloves For Grilling & Beyond

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Product Review: Mitt N Grip Gloves For Grilling & Beyond

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Hope ya’ll are all having an amazing Sunday!

The Viking is the one in our household that get’s to do most of the dirty jobs LOL don’t get me wrong I love getting down and dirty in the garden with my seeds but he’s always the one when we are canning to carry the huge canners around or when we make wine he has the huge hot pots to pour into the carboy so he’s a handy guy to have around! He spotted the Mitt N Grip gloves and had to get a pair for himself and could not wait to try them out! We are huge grilling enthusiasts in our household I don’t know how many of ya’ll know but The Viking has been a” Rib Fest Judge” locally and we are good friends with the Rib Fest King in North Carolina….we just take our grillin’ very seriously! If you love grilling you know that having a nice even heat is so important so being able to balance out your hot coals is crucial and you all know how much I love a good kitchen tool so having the “Tools Of The Trade” that make your life easier is extremely important when trying to run an efficient homestead!

The Viking says these are great for wine making he was just using them the other day to pour hot water into the carboy while he was making a 10 gallon batch of Jerusalem Artichoke Wine! if you haven’t entered the wonderful world of wine making but are interested click here to read my blog post on this very topic!

These gloves are amazing for canning…..anyone who cans knows that it involves hot humid work at times and the equipment gets extremely hot! I can’t wait to use these gloves when I have to pull the canner off the stove this year! I will have a lot more hands on feel to doing this instead of using towels and pot holders that I often get burned using literally! The good news for me is that canning season is right around the corner…first up is some homemade strawberry jam YUM!

mitt n grip gloves product review the viking sporting his gloves

Wished I had these gloves a couple of years ago……

Four points he absolutely loved about these gloves….


No. 1  – He liked that they were substantially thicker than other silicone gloves on the market as he compared them to some at our local hardware store.

No. 2 – Often when he is moving hot pots with pot holders they get so hot he feels close to having to put them down at some point this did not happen  with the Mitt N Grip gloves!

No. 3 –  For grilling purposes he is able to rearrange the coal bed and not worry about the radiant heat burning your skin.

No. 4 – He really enjoys the dexterity and the free range of motion with these gloves on! Nice not to worry about having to drop the pot or to put the pot down on a surface that isn’t ready.

Here is a video about the gloves!

To purchase the gloves click here!

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I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!


Let us know if you try out the Mitt N Grip gloves and what you think of them! I think they are a multi use tool for sure and now necessary in our household! We love them and really don’t know how we did without them! I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!



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