Mushroom Stems & Pepper Tops

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Mushroom Stems & Pepper Tops


I Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far! We strive at our lil’ homestead to add fresh vegetables and fruits on a regular basis and if we can grow it even better……during the school year with events, football games, and tight schedules things get a little bit hectic and I have to remember to save the little things like mushroom stems and pepper tops.  Both of these food items are chock full of nutrition and healthy to boot! A handful of them goes far and can be added to soups, casseroles or stews!


Frugal and healthy living have been focuses of ours at our lil’ homestead…..using what we have and turning it into something amazing whether it’s a DIY project or a meal! I can see a lot of uses for both of these items so I am going to list a few items I would make with mushroom stems and pepper tops please comment below and share your ideas I cannot wait to hear them!



A Few Meal Ideas To Use Up Those Mushroom Stems & Pepper Tops:

  • omelette filling
  • a topping for italian bread toast with cheese
  • a filling for stuffed peppers either the bell or the cubanelle
  • toss in spaghetti or lasagna sauce (any italian dish)
  •  throw in a fritatta
  •  add to cheesy grits
  •  add to a savory quinoa dish
  •  stuff mushrooms with them
  •  mix with mashed potatoes
  •  or twice baked potatoes
  •  add on top of pizza oh YUM!


I also save the seeds from the peppers from this process they are non gmo I don’t know if they are heirloom but I’m all about growing free food from the grocery store…just sayin’…;) How do you stretch your budget?

Did you know you can grow your own mushrooms easily and affordably? Check out the article I wrote for on this very topic.


What food scraps do you save for future meals?

Wishing you all a beautiful week…..until next time!



6 thoughts on “Mushroom Stems & Pepper Tops

  1. I like to sauté mushrooms, pepper and onions with kielbasa. This is served as a main dish over brown rice … or with has browns. YUM!

  2. Mushrooms go in spaghetti sauce here or on top of home made pizza. Funny you mentioned using the pepper seeds!! I made home made pizza Sunday night for dinner and the younger boy saw the seeds before they got too far and got a few planted in a pot which is now waiting for things to warm up enough to go outside. We shall see how many plants and peppers we get out of his pot….

    1. I love mushrooms in spaghetti! Great minds think alike I love that you guys were planting seeds and that the children want to get involved…Awesome!

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