Depression Era Mindset – Mending & Fixing On The Homestead

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depression era mindset

Kickin’ It Up Old School – Mending & Repairing On The Homestead

We like to fix things on our homestead it’s kind of old school but that’s how folks during the depression kept things lasting for years!

If we aren’t fixing on the homestead…I’m mending on the homestead and truthfully I never tire of fixing items that need to be fixed. It still flabbergasts me how wasteful folks are. Something is broken and they just don’t want to take the time to investigate fixing said item. I think the most frustrating item that ever broke on us was my Canon Rebel SLR because I loved it so much and it was not fixable. Trust me I tried so hard to fix it! Yes I was heart broken…not every thing can be fixed and that’s just the way it is. Fixing things doesn’t always mean hard work but it does mean effort something that not everyone always wants to apply so you may want to run the value calculation if you are not sure. Here is how I do it just for entertainment value…..

Value of item retail = $$$
Value of item broken = $$$
How much will it cost to fix = $$$
Value of item fixed = $$$
The Viking and I have definitely come into ownership of items we may have otherwise not have purchased because we took the time to fix them.
For example we found a broken wine corker in the dumpster the value is Zero dollars, the Viking had to spend 10 minutes to fix it….the value of his time we may never get back. The wine corker fixed is worth about $80.00.

What can be fixed easily or created on your homestead? This is a loaded question….I know because it depends upon your skill set of course….what are your skills?

Build Your Own wooden ware for your bee hives
Darning Socks
Hemming Pants
Small tears and holes in clothing
Computer Repairs
Cutting hair
Leather Repair


Build Or Create Your Own:
Chicken Coops
Gardening Supplies

The sky is really the limit depending upon your dedication and drive to accomplish your goals! Think about your skills that you have and utilize them. For example I’m not nearly as handy as the Viking but I can write so I do free lance writing, I can do graphic design, I can crochet, I can food, and I love dehydrating food. Find your gifts and dive into them and be passionate about them! You can also think about skills that you want to develop for example we have not always been beekeepers but it was something we wanted to do so we took a Beekeeping course, bought some bees, and the rest is history. Now we are not only beekeepers but we are honey sales people as well. 😉 Is there a talent that you do not have that you would like to develop? For example I really thought I would learn how to knit this year but it’s been a no go but I have found out I’m pretty good at crocheting and since I have found some success there I am going to keep at it. I don’t love cleaning so I do the bare minimum and I think we have to realize we should pursuit to what extent we can in life to work on things we do enjoy overall. I would like to learn how to do more re-upholstery for the year ahead and will be adding more DIY projects this next year!

I have an interview I plan to post where I just asked my Grandma Norma questions before she passed away about her memories of growing up in the depression I am so glad I did. I learned so much!

I wish you all a beautiful week….Until next time!



2 thoughts on “Depression Era Mindset – Mending & Fixing On The Homestead

  1. I can sew, knit, crochet, quilt, cook, bake, can, dehydrate, garden and so on. I taught my Mom to knit when my kids were small as she found she was having a hard time finding crochet patterns(this was well before Pinterest which she would have LOVED!!!) Hubby can wire things, but he tends to have a higher opinion of what he can do than he should sometimes. We found out the hard way that roofing is not a strong point with him….. I enjoy fixing things up to look nice again. I would love to learn upholstery but haven’t figured it out yet. I wish my cousin was much closer as he could teach me but he is in BC and I’m in ON.
    Hope you are having some nice weather there..we are waiting on some rain!!

    1. Christine wow you have a myriad of talents at your disposal good for you and good for you husband if he attempts to fix things that is awesome it’s a start as long as he is safe LOL!……It is so hot here lady it’s crazy 90’s everyday but I’m not going to complain it’s overall not bad. The garden is crazy but that’s a good thing I have a garden post coming soon! Sending wishes for rain to be sent your way! Yes let me know if you learn any upholstery tricks! Talk soon and thanks for stopping by!

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