Handmade Gifts On The Homestead

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Handmade Gifts On The Homestead

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Everyone is out of time these days so it’s no wonder that many children who once grew up learning how to crochet, knit, or do hand crafts no longer no how to do them anymore. I am glad for the fact that I homeschooled our children for a season and therefore they had more time to teach themselves new projects for example my daughter taught herself how to work our vintage treadle sewing machine. She knew how to work it years before I did because guess what? I didn’t have time. Recently I jumped back into crocheting a skill my Grandma Norma taught me and I am so glad I did. I recently made my girlfriend a baby blanket and currently I am working on an undisclosed project which I will share with all of you if it turns out LOL!

I also want to crochet my son who is going off to college in June a blanket for his dorm he will be moving into in August I think he will sleep better knowing he is under a handmade blanket his Mom made for him……maybe he will agree and maybe not but it will help me to sleep better for sure!

So the other Sunday we stopped by the local brewing store to get some homemade cider kits for my son’s upcoming graduation party and I was crocheting at the bar while I was waiting for my husband to pick out what we needed and someone said to me that it was a very unusual site to see someone crocheting at a bar and it occurred tome that it should not be. Crocheting is such a relaxing past time and one that I like to carry with me it’s especially nice if you go somewhere and you don’t know anyone well you can just sit and relax and crochet although someone will be sure to strike up a conversation with you about crocheting and that’s cool too!

I alse enjoy the fact that you can create or design your project it adds a personal touch to a gift whether it be for a wedding, baby shower or whatever event you are making a gift for. Recently when I gave this blanket to a good friend of ours I let her pick the satin color I was going to trim the ends with my new sewing machine. I had to do this because I am not the most attentive crocheter and my ends were not even but I love the satin look so I may add that to other future projects. Having that ability to customize the look of something is cool and I get to do it when I create something from nothing. I think the old skills are coming back and I am going to be sure if I get the opportunity to have grandchildren that I am going to teach them to crochet. We had a teacher this past year at our school teaching our students to knit I may ask if I can do the same with crocheting as I am loving it more and more every day with every passing project! Homemade gifts can be frugal but remember not always in some cases I have spent way more than I would have otherwise so it is something that you do have to pay attention to! I will be finishing up my evening working on a project I am sure and I do always try to stay on budget if I can! Do you have a crocheting project you are working on at your homestead?

I wish you all a beautiful week! Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Handmade Gifts On The Homestead

  1. Love this!! I sew, crochet, knit, quilt …the whole nine yards!! I made my kids clothes when they were much younger and made things for my grandson. Wedding gifts, baby gifts..yup! Done those. My daughter finally figured out crocheting much to her son’s delight!! It’s such a thrifty ability to have!! I’ll be looking for things to make the grandson shortly as his birthday is in Sept. then I will hit high gear to work on Christmas gifts for all. Pinterest…here I come!!

    1. Christine I love crocheting it’s totally new new thing…your comments are always so encouraging I so appreciate! I am thinking of crocheting a lot of gifts for Christmas this year too if you find some great stuff send it my way! I always love learning new and EASY project ideas! I love instant gratification projects but crocheting is so relaxing I don’t mind if it takes a bit! Very cool about your daughter picking it up! Talk soon!

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