A Day at The Farm

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A Day at The Farm

a day at the farm

I love all the images that the classic image of the American farm conjures up for me….red barns, John Deere Tractors, and lots of other country images like you find in Grit Magazine or From Scratch Magazine two of my faves! Many of you know that I work in education so working at an elementary school we have classes that go visit local farms all the time but not me…..I am back at school fixing computers, or working on our website. So recently the Viking and I had some fun time and we went up to one of our favorite local farms Old River Farms for their spring festival.

a day at the farm lil suburban homestead

The Viking is so patient with me as I peruse through all the fabulous plants and goodies I must say I am sure you can’t tell by his expression that he was wondering how long it was going to take. One nice thing about being married for 25 years is we can usually read each other’s minds and we are very compatible I love to be with him! He’s fun and always points out something to me that I would have otherwise not seen. A bonus of the farm trip is that this is a local farm so we ran into lots of friends it was indeed a good day!

old river farms flowers by lil suburban homestead

They have a beautiful variety of plants, local music was playing, some food trucks one of which where we had some delicious cheeseburgers, and lots of artisans and craftsmen and women who had their wares for sale!

mj's crafts

I love a good festival don’t you? My friend Mary Jo with was up there with with her beautiful home-made crafts her business is called MJ’s Crafts and she has the most beautiful woodenware, wreaths, and more! !


We love local music as you all know and in today’s blog post I have to give a shout out and some love to some of my faves….Massive Grass, L Shape Lot Duo, Stray Local, Gene Gregory, and Dennis Brinson. Take some time to go listen to all of them just about everyone of them plays some Americana music….sigh and they are all amazing and I’m just not saying that because I’m partial to them!

I mostly was in the mood for some herbs so I got some english thyme, mint, and sage for the garden. Mission accomplished and I also found out that Old River Farms sells fresh grass fed beef this was exciting to learn as I have had a goal since I visited with my good friend Janet Garman at Timber Creek Farm to find sources of healthier grass-fed beef and yes initially it might feel more expensive but after pricing it up it’s fairly reasonable as I have discussed before eating well is all about chocies….spend now or spend more at the doctor later.

I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!



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  1. Thank You so much for mentioning From Scratch magazine. I love it ! I could read 24-7 however life just keeps creeping it.

    1. Rose it was I think we all have to carve out some time for fun although I have not been planning so well as of late!

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