Book Review & Giveaway: The Survival Savvy Family by Julie Sczerbinski

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Book Review & Giveaway: “The Survival Savvy Family by Julie Sczerbinski

the survival savvy family

Are you a survival savvy family? Have you asked yourself this question? Interestingly for the past 18 months or so I would have said that we are moderately prepped and then after reading Julie’s book now I am not so sure I mean don’t get me wrong we have lots of canned food ready but I still rely on the grocery store probably more than I should. We are an almost empty nest couple and we both work full-time, I’m a part-time writer, and I blog as well as run a weekly radio show and my husband’s job is extremely demanding so there you have it the grocery store is just an easy stop on the way home and while we don’t rely on pre-made mixes we do rely on the grocery store to be open you see once you get down to two people left at home it’s really easy to not plan as much as you once did. Are you relying too heavily on modern conveniences as well? It’s real easy to slip back in the trap of well I know the pharmacy will be there or I know I can stop in later and get oil for my oil lamps. That’s the mindset we have to be careful of falling back into or just falling into period. A survival savvy family does not they make regular strides to stay on their toes and stay prepared.

I will be interviewing Julie about her fabulous book The Survival Savvy Family which I thoroughly enjoyed and found eye-opening at the same time this Tuesday night at 9pm/est or 6pm/pacific on The Prepper Broadcasting Network! Come join us and chat in to the show it’s going to be a great hour packed with great information!

So what is your plan if something goes wrong? Have you thought about it? I know for a long time The Viking and I did not but then we realized we couldn’t bury our heads in the sand forever the world we live in today is kind of a crazy place. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s packed with great people that still help each other but I think the way things are rolling along anything can happen at any time.

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Julie’s book truly makes getting a family plan in place while you are in the midst of working, raising children etc….something easy to set in to place. She kind of is your preparedness Coach in this book providing you with easy to follow guidelines and checklists and many items you will wonder why you didn’t think of them yourself.

I hope you enjoyed reading about this book as much as I enjoyed reading it. It was an insightful read because it showed me areas that the Viking and I may have neglected completely unintentionally. This is why we all have different strengths and weaknesses and sometimes it is a good thing to have others walk you through the areas they have already prepared and let’s face it the more you teach the more you know. Let Julie be your preparedness Teacher or Coach if you will in this book! You will be glad you did!



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