Thoughts & Musings On This Summer Sunday

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Thoughts & Musings On This Summer Sunday

thoughts and musings on this summer sunday

 I need to preface that I actually started this blog post last summer… I have a new job since I wrote this one and a lot has happened in my life since then but the message is nonetheless the same….


“persevere in spite of naysayers don’t let anyone else crush your dreams….and when it’s time to let go of someone who doesn’t want to be on the journey with you take a deep breath and let go….”


I hope you all are having a joyful Sunday whether you started your day off going to church, or got up for a run, or just slept in I hope whatever you do this day brings you joy and happiness!  I am writing this blog post today it’s a little different than my usual posts so you know a little bit about what makes me tick and what I think about but before I go any further I would love to start off by saying thank you for being on our journey with us and taking your valuable time to read my blog posts.  This blog started for me as a way to share with others not only our lives but to encourage others and to let them know we are on the journey with you.  After surviving thyroid cancer in 2009 and my daughter recovering from an illness that almost took her life I realized that life is too short to worry about what others think, or to allow negativity to be in our lives so with that this blog was started.  So you also need to know I work full time and I am a professional in the IT industry I coach educators on using new and better technologies, I maintain inventories, I present new technology information and I stay informed on the latest and greatest technologies in education that being said this blog for me is a hobby and an outlet for me and it’s extremely informal so if you notice my grammar isn’t tops well that’s just not the point of this blog but if it bothers you just don’t read it – it’s okay it won’t hurt my feelings.  I write my blog posts on how I am thinking in my mind….my friend Katherine says I write how I talk and I’m like that’s great because that’s what I want people to hear the authenticity of what I am sharing is coming completely from the heart.

Update from this summer (so a whole year has passed)…. I have since taken a writing class and have worked on my grammar and realize that I did need to grow in that area and am continuing to strive to become a better writer. Sometimes brutal honest feedback from your readers and even other folks in your life will grow and stretch you even if it hurts along the way.


If you have people who love you in your life hold on to them and don’t let go until you have to…..and for the ones who let go of us just remember it’s not about us it’s about them.  Don’t react with hurt or anger although you will want to the truth is as long as you are true to yourself within reason and I don’t mean being selfish that’s all that matters.  Paying it forward is so important always give back when you can but try to move on for those that don’t want to be on the journey with you.  If it’s someone you really love dearly this can be almost crippling or debilitating to your spirit but the truth is there are no guarantees in this life. The guarantee is that you have yourself and you have your faith in whatever you believe in. If you don’t believe in anything this may be tougher for you when times get tough. Rely on your family and on the true friends you have in your life I call them family friends….I truthfully have my Wilmington family and I love them dearly!

I love sharing with all of you the issues we run into here at Lil’ Suburban Homestead because we are more than the bees, the chickens, the garden, and the dog….we love local music, we love our children – we just dropped our “Big Guy” our son off to college, we enjoy time spent with family and friends and some of you probably know this but I love my blog, I love doing my radio show and I love my new job!  My husband has a gift for finding incredible bands and getting to know them and bringing the amazement of fabulous local music to my life. We love to cook and eat and even try new restaurants. For my folks who want to know how the empty nest is it’s actually going good.  My husband and I just cook what the two of us like now which means we buy a lot less food overall. I will have to write an empty nest eats post soon LOL!


I am grateful for all of you!  I wish you all joy, peace and love and happiness in your life!





7 thoughts on “Thoughts & Musings On This Summer Sunday

    1. It is ironic that it’s been just sitting as a draft since last August I just didn’t know what I wanted to say and inspiration hit me today. I read your blog today and wow how brave of you are starting a new adventure and I am curious how lunches will go for you since I heat mine up almost everyday and I look forward to reading about your journey on the farm. Sending peace and love………great finds by the way!

    1. Thanks Mr. CBB 🙂 I’m a fan of your blog as well……..I keep trucking every day one foot in front of the other…thanks for the encouragement it means a lot!

  1. I used to write to a friend of my hubby’s and was told by this fellow the same thing…I write like I talk. He loved it!! He was military for years and loved getting those letters all over the place!! Said it was like sitting down across the table with a coffee to read one of my letters… I thought that was great!! We haven’t hit the empty nest yet even though the younger boy is 27, his brother was military for 8 years but got out an a medical with depression and is back home with us too. I’m good with that. Hubby was very ill in 2012 with something called Amyloidosis and having my boys at home was such a big help when I was running all over taking hubby to various appointments. I’ve said to people that I look after hubby and my boys look after me. I never had to worry about there being nobody at home if their sister called or someone came to the door or called when the truck was out of the drive. Enjoy your nest!!!!

    1. Christine we are so sympatico my goodness!!!! It sounds like your sons are a gift to you and your husband…..I can completely trust and rely upon my son and that is a treasure. I so treasure my relationship with him. Thank you for the encouragement and the visit as always!

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