Product Review: 2 Boys 1 Homestead Soaps

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Product Review: 2 Boys 1 Homestead Soaps

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I love smelling soaps when I go into kind of “artsy” shops and I love sharing about a great product when I run into a new one and when I was recently approached  by Ben at 2 Boys 1 Homestead to try their soaps and I thought why not? I requested to try two of my favorite scents patchouli and cedar. Wow what could be better than to suds up with homemade soaps made with healthy whole ingredients like beeswax, coconut, and olive oils.

My Dad was quite the soap maker and I made soap with him every summer click here for that post. Dad taught me about the qualities to look for in a soap for example if you have a soap that is super soft and silky but just melts its of no use to you.  Soap making is actually fairly scientific and one that Ben and Justin seem to have perfected.

Fortunately since  I was able to try  two of my favorite scents and I have showered with both of them and I feel so refreshed and squeaky clean when I get out of the shower. I mean Ben and Justin know their soap and it was evident from the actual texture and scent of the soap and the suds ratio as well.  (Yes I do think about all this stuff LOL!)   I am a soap maker myself albeit an amateur so these qualities matter to me and I have done a fair amount of research.   Also the scents are so clean and fresh I was very refreshed! After a long hard day at work that is much needed for my weary body and it wakes up my senses too!

We don’t really think about the simple daily acts that we do everyday such as wash our hands, our hair, brush our teeth, you get the idea…we really should be using superior products that make us feel good with any product that actually is coming into contact with our epidermis, the jury is still out about how much of that is absorbed into our blood stream (it’s a complicated topic read more here)  but we don’t think about it.  I choose to make healthy decisions about the products I use.  This goes for cleaning products as well…my friend Tiffany at Imperfectly recently found a line of cleaning products that she feels great about using for her and her family.

I know I for one am going to be a lot more discriminating going forward…I started with my shampoo, and then soaps, I also use mostly natural cleaning products but I have a long way to go.

Keep an eye out for a feature of Ben and Justin at 2 Boys 1 Homestead this year! They have lots of great articles and information they are sharing on their blog and a lot more than just soap.

However if you would like to try their soap check out their Etsy store here.

I wish you all a beautiful week! Until next time….



PS:  No affiliate links here…these are just products and people I think have great stuff going on!   🙂

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