Giveaway Winner: Permaculture For The Rest Of Us: Abundant Living On Less Than An Acre

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Giveaway Winner: Permaculture For The Rest Of Us: Abundant Living On Less Than An Acre by Jenni Blackmore

book review permaculture for the rest of us Abundant Living On less than an acre

I love getting to tell someone that they won! It is actually one of my favorite parts of blogging and that is I can provide an opportunity for all of you to learn something cool, win a treasure for your library, or pass on just one tiny nugget of information that is valuable. It keeps me going and energizes me so I am so excited to announce that the winner of this fabulous giveaway is:

Nancy R.

Make sure to email me at to claim your prize and make sure to tell me your full last name and your shipping address to be able to receive it in the mail 🙂

The winner has 48 hours to claim their prize!

I hope you enjoy this book! Every time I crack it open I seriously learn something new and I love the glossary in the back of common “homesteading” terms I truly found it helpful…more and more books do not add a glossary but there were a couple of terms that I was unfamiliar with.

If you did not win today definitely check this book out on Kindle as it is definitely worth the affordable price. It is loaded with how to grow food and thrive on a small property and the author Jenni Blackmore did not even grow in favorable conditions. She found what worked for her and truthfully that is what we all have to do. When we first moved to Coastal North Carolina we learned that we had to learn how to amend our soil properly or we were never going to have a viable garden. We learned and well you have been reading about our awesome gardening results right here and I have been blogging her for six years now. I believe when you aren’t sure where to begin you should find a mentor, read a book, and take baby steps. Experimentation is crucial to the homesteading journey in order to be successful.

I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!

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