Farewell Oysters & Cold Weather For Now Anyway

Farewell Oysters For Now Anyway

roasted oysters lil' suburban homestead

Hello friends and happy Sunday! I must confess I’m just as excited as everyone that the chillier weather will be behind us but that also means that this past weekend was the last weekend to purchase wild oysters in our area. I purchased these from my favorite seafood company here in Wilmington, NC at Seaview Crab Company. I always can count on getting fresh, delicious seafood from these folks and if you are in our area make sure to check them out if you haven’t yet.  Last night was “Date Night” at home for the Viking and me.  We grilled oysters, let the chickens roam the yard, and visited on our brand new patio which by the way the patio from beginning to end blog post is coming soon!


I have always loved steamed oysters and truthfully have preferred them over roasted until recently my husband has mastered them on the grill.  Also a good friend of ours Ken a bass player with one of our favorite local bands “Massive Grass” knows how to throw a mean oyster roast and his oysters are always delicious too.  

Below is a picture of our just about to be prepared oysters for dinner that I picked up at Seaview Crab Company!  YUM!  Make sure to follow me on Instagram if you are not doing so already….I share a lot of pics here that I don’t share on Facebook!


Can’t wait for dinner! Yum! #ILM #saltlife #foodiechats #foodie #coastalliving #seafood

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I didn’t always love oysters for me they became an acquired taste but that being said I absolutely adore them especially dipped in Kerry Gold butter a new fave of  mine and I must say they make a perfect low carb dinner!  Last night I served them with roasted asparagus, and cauliflower tater tots…YUM!    I also do not like raw oysters but I know lot’s of folks do they just make me nervous.  However if I do eat raw oysters and I have to say I have I will only eat them if they are prepared by a local reputable chef.  Just saying…

steamed oysters at our lil' suburban homestead

This past February at our local Feast Down East Regional Conference I was fortunate enough to volunteer in the “Foodie” workshop room as I called it and we got to hear some local Chef’s share about their love of oysters and how they prepare them.  One such Chef was Jessica Cabo the Executive Chef at the Blockade Runner and she prepared for all of us to sample a poached oyster just in time for Valentine’s day.  I shared this in my Instagram feed but wanted to share with all of you.  Her presentation and flavor on this oyster dish was delicious and the look of it is spectacular.  Make sure to follow Jessica on Instagram you will be glad you did she takes lots of pics of her phenomenal “Foodie” creations!  If you are visiting Wilmington make sure to check out her good eats or even stay at the Blockade Runner.  My Mom loves staying there when she comes to town.  It’s a beautiful hotel if you have not been by there and it’s located a 10 minute drive from Wilmington in Wrightsville Beach right on the ocean.


We only purchased a peck and we were so full after dinner but you can be sure this fall I am hoping to have an oyster roast they are so much fun and serve them up with saltines and some of our homemade wine…but I can certainly wait for fall lol.  My husband kept saying this could easily feed four people and I was like nope it was just enough for two but the truth is he is right it was a lot of oysters and these were full, fat oysters! How do you like your oysters prepared?  Is the cold weather finally leaving your area?

I wish you all a beautiful week….until next time!


Be well,


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  1. Steamed or raw for me – I’m a big fan of sushimi (sushi without the rice). Hard to get good seafood here in the middle of the country, that takes me back to my days in Rhode Island.

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