The Making of an Inviting Home with Thrift Store Finds and a Dash Of Creativity

The Making of an Inviting Home with Thrift Store Finds and a Dash of Creativity

The Making Of An Inviting Home

I don’t know about all of you but the Viking and I love looking for thrift store finds if anything I will go the Habit for Humanity Restore just about every weekend. The possibilities are endless however you do have to be careful that you don’t bring stuff home you don’t need and here lies the part that is the trickiest and that is you may need it but you just don’t know it yet. One time we finally got rid of something only to have a week later have someone on Ebay offer us $100.00 for it but no one wanted it for the three months we listed it for. Well, it happens and that was a little bit depressing because I still had the Buy It Now button up and I had to send that person their money back. Sigh!

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This was a rustic trunk we found that we use as a coffee table!

The most important thing about home decor in my opinion is to have your own style….it doesn’t really matter if it suits anyone else but it really does need to make you happy when you walk through that door it’s your home! Don’t compare your style to others! You can go as wild or minimalistic as you want because again it’s your space!

How to we start the process of making an inviting home with thrift store finds and a dash of creativity?

I had recently set up an office in the house for my blogging and writing work. It has since been dismantled because our son moved back home but the cool thing is in that pic my desk and everything were finds except for the futon that came from Ikea and it was extremely reasonable. Although I am back to school at this point in time so you will hear from me a little less these days but I am still here and I have over 800 posts for you to peruse from when you need to and you can email me anytime at if you have any questions.

My new office is coming along! #homeoffice #decor #home

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My brother and sis in law gave me these awesome chicken tiles that I use in my kitchen aren’t they awesome!


Some of my favorite chicken decor 🙂

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I collect vintage fans! I have three now one is in my office at work, one is in my dining room, and this one shown in this photo is in our bedroom! My hunny the Viking in my life finds them and restores them for me! I just adore them!


I love vintage items! I wake up to this view everyday #vintage #oldschool

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Look For Thrift Store Finds That Reflect Your Personality

An example of making your entry way reflect your personality and inexpensively are these two old moonshine mugs! They looked great until one of them got broken in a storm but these were dumpster finds and free! We will find more of them!

My daughter found these for her first apartment at a flea market for a steal! This was a set of white milk glass hobnail lamps and I was even jealous although my husband did have to help her get them back in working order.


Flea Market Bargains

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One of our very favorite finds is one the Viking in my life found and that is our rusting canning cupboard! To read more click here.

Just something as simple as collecting vintage plates and laying them out on the table with beautiful fruit and from your own garden is a bonus is just beautiful!

Get Inspired By Others!

The balance of making a home cozy, warm, and inviting isn’t easy. Anyone can have a clean home…lol well maybe not us but anyone can go out and buy furniture and clean their house but not everyone has that gift for making a home seem effortless. We work on it and I do think my home is inviting however I don’t think it’s magazine worthy and I decided years ago that that was okay. I do think that you need to find other’s decor style that resonates with yours and follow them on Pinterest and or Instagram so you can keep coming up with fresh and new ideas. I’m also not one to change things over and over but my friends who love to decorate love to do that. One such person is our neighbor Angie I mean wow she has the gift of interior design. Check out her Instagram feed here:

She has developed quite a following and you should follow her too!

Do you love working on DIY projects? My friend Tiffany at Imperfectly Happy came up with some awesome chicken wire projects. To learn more click here.

A couple of years ago my Mom dove into decorating but decided to have a professional Interior Designer help her but she decided to do some of the work herself. Click here to read her post on her upcycled table project!

Home organization also really affects how we feel about our space! Check out my friend Mr. CBB’s post about kitchen organization. Click here.

I hope this post has inspired some of you that no matter what budget you are on that you have all the makings of an inviting home on a budget. Just head out to your favorite thrift store and add a dash of creativity.

I wish you all a beautiful week until next time…

Be Well,

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