Happy New Year & My One Word For 2019 is “Equilibrium”…What Is Your One Word?

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Happy New Year & My One Word For 2019 is “Equilibrium”…What Is Your One Word?

Happy New Year Ya’ll,

This year flew by so fast, and my intentions to keep everyone in the know on our journey were scattered at best.  I think it’s safe to say that I often have too many irons in the fire.  I have put a lot of effort this past year into my healthy living journey.  I am still working full time at a local university and going to school part time but I’m hoping to be complete with my studies by next December.  The good news is that I enjoy my studies; this is not work I’m dreading.   I love continuing the learning process and staying engaged and I really enjoy learning from younger students in addition to the great minds of some awesome professors.

I love picking out my one word every year as it always correlates with my year ahead.  This year it already has as I am determined to find my balance between work, home, school, hobbies, friends, and family.  One thing I found out that I neglected over the past couple of years was that I stopped reading and I’ve learned when I don’t read that it is a clear sign that my life is out of balance.  We finally sold off our chickens and the mobile coop to some good friends of ours they are some young homesteaders and have loved raising up our gals.  We still have the garden, the greenhouse, and the bees and we will be adding hydroponics this year so our homesteading plan has just changed and we of course  support local farmers buy buying their produce and livestock items.  I still make my homemade laundry soap, and I’m continually learning new skills on the homestead.  I learned how to crochet baby hats about a year ago and it was so fun and they are quick and easy!  (I’ll post my Instagram post below!)

Lil' Suburban HOmestead Family

I haven’t updated you all on the family so here is where we are….the Viking and I are officially empty nesters.  Our son moved out officially on New Year’s.  We are both doing good and The Viking has lots of    projects around the homestead. (Namely repairing the homestead from Florence see more below).  Mostly we are purging some 30 years of stuff from the house and revitalizing the property and home.  Our daughter is in school full-time and doing well and we all spent time this holiday season together.  It was a very happy time for us although we may not have rested like we should.  We did have our annual New Year’s gathering again and that was such a great time connecting with close friends and family.  Our son started his own landscaping business which has been extremely successful and is an amazing cook personally and professionally.  Our daughter who is studying art and music in school has just wowed me with her design work and of course her voice .    Alright, I’m probably biased but no really! 😉  We also have a grandpuppy named Wally (you can see his pics on my Insta) oh my goodness I could just squeeze his cheeks all evening and snuggle him.  Our furbabies River and Kisa have accepted him into the fold as family does.  I could go on and on about this family of mine but I shall move on for your benefit….lol

Our area was hit by Hurricane Florence pretty badly this past year but we were fortunate other than a new roof and lots of repairs and clean-up our home is fine!  We were all okay and fortunate, so many others lost lives or their homes.  We truly are blessed.  It reminded me once again how fragile this world is that we live in.  Florence devastated many areas in it’s path, again why we are always prepared but no one was prepared for this one.  We evacuated a couple of hours away to stay with our daughter but our son stayed behind.  He was in awe of the power of this storm.

hurricane florence at the homestead

There were so many highlights and happy moments from 2018 they are too numerous to share but I would have to say one major highlight was our trip to Colorado…what beautiful country, we will definitely return when we get an opportunity!  We were able to connect with friends and well look at this picture below at Estes Park the only word I can say to describe this land is “Grand!”.  I am so grateful that I got to return to this wild country, it took my breath away.

colorado trip

What is your one word for 2019?  I would love to hear about it!  What have you added or let go to get your life in balance?  

Thank you all for being on the journey with us! We are so grateful for all of you! The best way to keep up with the Viking and I is on social media. You can find us here.

Upcoming projects for us:  Installing a new shed, new roof for 2019, I’m making a sentimental quilt this year, and we are preserving our kumquats soon.  I’m also re-organizing the entire homestead!  We will definitely share photos of the hydroponic project. 


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My first ever completed knitting project and it’s a baby hat!🙌 #diy #homemade

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For those of you that have stayed subscribed during these wonky years with me in school, well I’m grateful for you!  

Happy New Year! ….until next time!



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