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Karen Lynn’s articles have been featured in the following blogs, podcasts, and magazines:


area woman down home wisdomWe were featured in the Star News!

We have been featured in our local Wilmington, NC Star News!  Click here to read more.

 The Survival Mom Hosts Collaboration:



Prepare Magazine

Article:  4 Reasons To Stockpile Iodine

4 reasons to stockpile iodine by Karen Lynn


Homestead Bloggers Network – Homemade Holiday Recipes



A Real Food Journey

a real food journey no. 34

Former Survival Mom Blog Writer & Radio Show Host

the survival mom blog

From Scratch Magazine

from scratch magazine cast iron cookware care with beeswax

We have been featured on the following fabulous blogs: 



Sustainable Living On A Budget….A Lil’ Suburban Homestead Thing

February 26, 2012

Tell Us Your Story – Meet the Thompson Family from Coastal North Carolina


4 thoughts on “Featured

  1. We have been saving the jugs kitty litter comes in. I stored charcoal in one, water for emergencies, cleaning water for kitty litter boxes, etc. Got to wondering if they were safe for water, so I researched BPH and found out that the #2 in the triangle is safe for water. I finally figured out how to get on here to comment and would appreciate any feedback or opinions from any of you.

    1. Charlotte I did not know that I am sharing that news with my husband we are always looking for new ways to be more prepared 🙂

      1. That was just a whole lot of plastic going to the dump. We’ve also been getting bakery buckets from the bakery part of the grocery store. They have a rubber seal inside the lid and I’ve been using them to store 25lb bags of sugar and bags of pasta. They just give them away in the afternoon. They are expensive to buy. The bakery gets there icing, etc in them. I wash them out, take the labels off and let them dry out before using them.

        1. We have used the bakery buckets we get them from some of the local bakeries to store our honey in. I learned that trick from our local bee keeping group. Keep the ideas coming Charlotte 🙂

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