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Welcome to Lil’ Suburban Homestead where innovation and homesteading meet!   We have over 733 posts to choose from and 1 Blogger that’s me!  I do have about 10 amazing guest posts too so if you get a chance make sure to check them out.   Every week we will bring to you the newest and most helpful articles to help you with creative D.I.Y. ideas, the best recipes using fresh organic food to what extent you can, ideas to help you live a more frugal lifestyle and so much more! Come join us on our journey with our beekeeping articles, chicken mama ramblings, and our fun loving lifestyle in Coastal, NC! The Viking my husband the love of my life and I are a team and have been pursuing a sustainable lifestyle for years!  So glad you are stopping in for a visit!
We want to bring back the art of canning to families and the joy of sitting around the dinner table as a family together and better yet eat some food that you grew in your own garden! Let’s face it in this day and age its not easy to accomplish these goals but I will share some ways in which we create a sense of family whether it is with our own children and or our community. My husband and I are often involved in new projects of our own making!  Come join us on our  journey!  I hope you can learn from our ideas and share with us so we can learn from you as well.
Make sure to check out our YouTube Channel – we will be having lots more great information coming this year!
I have also been writing for Fix.com,  From Scratch Magazine,  Prepare Magazine, and I am also a Blogger for Grit Magazine as well! Our blog is also being featured at our local paper The Star News Community Blogs page too!  Lots going on at our lil’ homestead!  It’s always so great to connect with others on the homesteading journey! I am often times participating on Twitter on #gardenchat and #foodiechats on Monday nights at 8pm and 9pm eastern time..just look for me @lilsubhomestead..I hope to see you over there and sometimes I am sharing on #prepperchat and #preppertalk too!  For now…relax, grab a cup of java and put your feet up for a while….I for one am so glad you stopped in!

Karen Lynn

21 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. i’m replying here so i don’t promote myself on your posts. if you want to delete it you can 🙂
    i blogged about mt grain mill here-http://agodlyhomemaker.blogspot.com/2011/09/preparing.html.
    i love talking homesteading!! i have my hens and am looking forward to goats next. 🙂

  2. One of the nicest looking homesteading blogs I have reviewed thus far. We have five acres in the country where we will be homesteading but currently live in town. My daughter keeps a pair of rabbits in town and would like to have some chickens, I will have to let her look at your blog because I love the chicken coop!

    My wife is also wanting to learn to can so ill send her by for a look to.

    Good job. Watch for a review on my blog.


    1. Michael thanks so much for the compliment! I really try to keep it real and relevant! I will be doing more canning posts. I actually have not been able to put everything up yet we did this summer to much ground to cover not enough time 😉 I will definitely keep a look out for your review plus I am heading on over to your blog to see what you are up to! Thanks again!

  3. Good to see there are other people who like fixing things and saving things from the dumpster! If you know any like-minded people in Wisconsin or moving to Madison, WI, we are selling our “almost an acre farm” in Waunakee. Well, we’re trying to sell it! The people who have toured it thus far have not connected, because over the years we’ve emphasized function over fashion and edible landscaping over lawn.

    My link is to a little blog I put together to showcase the property. I think it’s beautiful, I’d love to know what you think. . .

    1. Good luck with selling your acre in Waunakee! Someone out there I am sure will treasure it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Nice blog! We are still in the process of setting up categories, galleries, and additional pages. So nice to find folks with similar interests!

    1. Thanks so much! I am always in the process of rearranging my blog but have tried to keep it as simple as possible thanks for stopping in and the wonderful comment! I love connecting with others that enjoy leading a more sustainable life style only wish the net would have exploded years earlier but the process and the steps and the friends I have made have so been worth it!

  5. I am a novice chicken raiser and I am in a quandary! My chicken (one or two at a time) are loosing their feathers starting just before their tail feathers, underneath their tail and down their back legs. They look pantless! Would you know what might be causing such a thing? Their rears also look very fluffy right before they go nude. Any help you can provide would be very appreciated!!!

    1. Thanks so much Rebecca! I so appreciate! I am very excited about connecting and meeting others at Farmgirl Chit Chat 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Jessica I so appreciate and wow that means a lot to me to be thought so highly of! 🙂

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