Instead of Spring Cleaning…How about Fall Cleaning!

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I am truly a summer baby, born a Leo and I love the sun and the garden but the refreshing breezes of fall always inspire me to do some fall cleaning.  I know cleaning is not the most glamorous of subjects but its one that all of us “Keepers of the Home” have to participate in.  In my case since I work full-time it is a family affair and recently after we put the majority of our new floors in the entire family got involved.

Some of my favorite fall freshen up items to do!

  • I love a freshly cleaned window we are fortunate that we have windows that tilt in so this is fairly easy cleaning at our homestead.
  • We shake and beat the carpets in the back yard.
  • We use the leaf blower to clean off the deck, front porch, and driveway.
  • We scrub the tile floors and the bathroom floors and I clean out under the bathroom vanities.  Don’t get me wrong I truly enjoy the sprucing much more than the deep cleaning but is always satisfying afterwards.
  • Dusting the mantles and high shelves and re-organizing family photos,  pictures  and mementos.
  • When I am all done cleaning I often buy a bouquet of fresh flowers and place them on the dining room table or in the hallway and I love to light a nice scented candle or incense.  My favorite incense is “sandalwood” but I also love the Pine and Sage candles by some of the more popular candle companies but truly I can’t wait until we have enough beeswax to make our own beeswax candles without chemicals.
  • Make some homemade bread, oatmeal cookies or fresh brownies.

Although I do love my home to look lived in”thank goodness” since it will anyway and  it does anyway and my bookshelves are always in process I am constantly moving stuff around on them because I am always pulling books down or finding another antique glass to display.  My house is simple but my goal is to make it a haven for me and others who just want to spend time with us.  After we get home from work each day we should all look forward to coming home and fortunately for me my family loves to feel good in our home too.  My daughter has been touching up our home just about everyday trying to keep it neat and tidy.  This is kind of a follow-up post to my post on “Making Your Lil’ Suburban Homestead Your New Hobby” and that is still a continual focus of mine.

I often plant herbs this time of year to display on the window sill in the kitchen it always is comforting to see something green grown right in my kitchen while everything else outside is slowly fading with the exception of items in my greenhouse.

I love to put fresh mums and pumpkins on the front porch although I can’t take a picture of that because some little critter is eating my mums and they look just pitiful.

I hope you are inspired to get to your fall cleaning if you haven’t yet….the holidays, and thoughts of turkey and wrapping paper are right around the corner!

Thanks for stopping by our Lil’ Suburban Homestead!

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4 thoughts on “Instead of Spring Cleaning…How about Fall Cleaning!

  1. Karen Lynn,
    Thanks for sharing your Lil’ Suburban Homestead. You have a lovely home. It’s been a dusty year so far, so your post is timely here. I need to get off my tail and spiff things up a bit myself. Those floors look great, and it’s so nice that the kids helped. So sorry your mums are so yummy. Thanks for linking up and for sharing great tips for fall cleaning.

  2. Lovely little tour! I too, get the cleaning bug in the fall (big time in spring too). I tend to wash all the windows and get the curtains all laundered and clean out drawers. Windows are important this time of year as the days get shorter and winter looms heavy on the horizon…I need all the sunshine I can get! I also want it a bit clean for the company that inevitably comes for Thanksgiving and Christmas. After canning and hubby’s boots tramping all through the house, floors are quite dirty. It’s his castle, he grew up here, and his mother never made the take off the shoes rule so it lives on 😛

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